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Installing CDM+

How to install CDM+ Desktop on macOS and Windows computers

Common Features

This manual section covers common features of all CDM+ programs.


You could refer to the Membership program as the heart of CDM+.


CDM+ Attendance records and evaluates participating in event, classes, and groups.


Contributions record gifts and pledges and offers robust receipting and reporting.


Full-featured fund accounting with ledger, payables, receivables, reconciliations, and budgeting.


Complete payroll calculations and reporting for any type of employee, including clergy.

Event Registration

CDM+ Event Registration can record registrations for any type of event, conference, retreat, or camp.


CDM+ Roommate combines an event calendar, resource and contact manager into one easy-to-use, powerful program.


The Check-In/Check-Out program can be described in three words—secure, simple, accurate.

Sales Orders

The Sales Orders program is designed for bookstores, bake sales, and any event where you need to track sales and inventory.


CDM+ Regional provides help to judicatory offices that need to manage information about the churches and organizations to which they relate along with the various leaders and key personnel within churches.

Church of God (Cleveland, TN)

A custom version of CDM+ Regional is used by every state office of the Church of God (Cleveland, TN) to track churches, ministers, and COG-specific reports: Treasurer Reports Minister Reports Women's Reports Girls Club Reports

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

CDM+ Regional has a customized version for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). This customization add features unique to their denominational requirements.


Resources for troubleshooting, maintenance, and administrative tasks.

Conference Training Manuals

PDF versions of the training manuals used at our Annual Users Conference.

January Survival Guide

Resources for year-end tasks in Payroll, Accounting, and Contributions.


Current and previous installers and release notes for CDM+. 


These special discovery webinars are ideal for everyone, from long-time users to those evaluating new solutions for your organization.

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