The Check-In/Check-Out program can be described in three words—secure, simple, accurate.

Check-In/Check-Out helps provide parents and caregivers the peace of mind that comes with knowing that loved ones are safe in your care. The program’s security features can be turned on and off to create a custom level of security that is just right for each event at your facilities.

Check-In/Check-Out also simplifies the Check-In process. Computer work stations can be set up for Staffed Check-In/Check-Out or Self Check-In. The windows are so easy to use that volunteers and even your congregation will breeze through the process. With these work stations directly linked to your Membership data, you’ll find Check-In/Check-Out is both efficient and accurate. It’s important to remember, too, that attendance is more than just numbers—it’s people. Better attendance tracking can help you keep up with your congregation, grow your membership, save time and plan ahead for events.