Go to Program → Event Registration → Event Records. The Event Records window will open.

Click Add on the sidebar

Enter a Description

  • If this a Camp or Youth Event, click on the check box next to Camp/Youth Event. This will provide a registration entry window to record additional information such as the registrant’s parent/guardian, age and birthdate.

Enter the Location

Enter the Begin, End, and Registration Deadline Dates

Enter the Registration Fee

If you enter a Registration Fee here ALL registrants will be charged this amount; it cannot be changed. If you have an event for which there will be varying amounts charged, leave this field blank and set up each Registration Fee as a separate Activity.  If most participants will be paying the same Registration Fee, you may wish to enter that amount here and create on or more Activity for Registration Fee discounts (fee will be a negative amount) and/or additional charges.

Enter the Maximum Registration

Do not leave this as 0. As people are registered for this event, the total number registered to date will appear next to Current Registration.

Turn on the Skip Individual lookup when adding a new registration checkbox only if you do not want any registrations to this event connected to the address and individual records stored in your CDM+ Membership program database. If the majority of registrants for an event will be church members, you generally would NOT want to check this box. All Events for which a person has registered will appear on the Events pane of his or her Individual Record and can be searched using the related records feature of the Advanced Find.

Event Registration payments may be posted to the CDM+ Accounting Ledger. Click the magnifying glass icon to select the appropriate Income account from the drop-down list next to the Payment Account field.

The Fee Account field is used when processing EFT (credit/debit cards or ACH withdrawals) through a vendor that charges fees, for example, if you are using a CDM+ Single Event Registration Web Ministry Tool with a Stewardship Technology merchant account. For more information on handling processing fees, see Deposit Processing.

Turn on the Registration Closed checkbox once registration for this event is closed or the event is past. This prevents this event/camp from showing up on any list of available events for which registrations may be entered. An unlimited number of closed events/camps may be left in the system and reports can be generated for them. Closed events/camps may also be reopened if necessary.

When finished, click the Activities tab.


  1. Click on the small Add Activity button at the bottom of the activities list. Type the Description of the activity (e.g., Skis, poles, boots, helmet rental).
  2. Press the Tab key to move to Fee. If there is a fee for this activity put the dollar amount in this field. If it is free you can leave it blank.
  3. Category - You have the option to assign Activities to Categories, which will cause them to be grouped during Registration Entry. You may use the drop list to choose from an existing Category or to create a new Category, type a description in this field. When you tab out of the Category field, you will be asked if you wish to add this Category; click Yes.
  4. Tab through the Directors, Phones, Building and Room fields, typing the appropriate information, if desired.
  5. Press the Tab key to move to Capacity. Type a capacity for this activity—do not leave it 0. As registrations are made, CDM+ will warn you when the pre-set capacity has been reached.
  6. Press the Tab key to move to Date. Type in the date for this activity or click on the calendar icon and double-click on a date.
  7. Press the Tab key to move to Time. Enter the time the activity will take place in this field.
  8. Repeat this process to add each activity needed for this event.

    Once this Event Record is saved, click on the Change button on this window if you want to change or delete an activity. To reorder the list of activities, highlight a line and click on the up or down arrows. To delete an activity from the list, click on the red X. When you finish making changes, click Save.