As churches begin to resume in-person worship, many states and localities are placing limitations on these events. A common restriction is limiting attendance to a percentage of the normal capacity of the meeting space.

Taking reservations for your services is an easy way to comply with these restrictions. CDM+ Event Registration can help you accomplish this simple goal.

By using a reservation system, you can easily limit worship attendance to provide a safer experience for both your church staff and members. Reservations also help worshippers find a service they can attend and avoid unnecessary travel to your location only to discover the service is at capacity.

Please follow the step-by-step instructions below explaining how to setup, create, and publish your church service event.

Setup Event

  1. Open CDM+ Desktop and log in
  2. Go to Program Event Registration Event Records
  3. Create a new event by clicking the Add button on the left sidebar and then enter:
    1. Description
    2. Location
    3. Beginning date and time
    4. Registration deadline
    5. Maximum number of registrations
  4. Click the Save button

Create Event

  1. Open and log in to your account.
  2. Click NEW TOOL on the top tool bar and select the SINGLE EVENT REGISTRATION TOOL by clicking the Create button. Enter the name to appear when a person registers.
  3. Next in the Fields for Attendees, select those data points that a person will enter when they register.

    You must make each of these field displayed either Required, Not Required, or Hidden.

  4. Next, in the Options area, choose the Event that was created in CDM+ Desktop that this Web Tool will link to. You may choose the Do not link to Membership option to make registrations quick and easy.
  5. If you desire that a staff person receive an email notification when someone registers, enter the staff person’s email address in area #6.  You may enter multiple email addresses separated by a comma.
  6. If you like, you may hide the Event Summary Page but show the confirmation page and require an electronic signature. Enter a message to appear on the confirmation page and state the reason for requiring worship registration and ask that the office be notified if the registration needs to be cancelled.
  7. Click the SAVE button.

To record actual attendance at the event, please watch our Attendance Marking and Tracking video using CDM+ Mobile.

Publish and Promote Event

  1. Click the PUBLISH option. If you wish to have this event show up in Engage, check the box at the bottom. This allows members to sign into Engage and quickly register for new events.

    Engage is not required to take registrations.

  2. This page contains the information you will need to publicize this event. You may elect to place a Register for Worship button on the main page of your website or Facebook page.  The person that takes care of your website will use one of the first three options and tie the action button on your website to the link or the html code.
  3. If you wish to place a QR code on your website/Facebook page, you can click the QR code button at the right side of the Direct Link section.

Future Events

You will repeat this process for each worship event. Use the DUPLICATE button to copy all registration settings.

  • You need only change the Event and title of each tool.
  • Each tool will provide unique links under Publish.

Tutorial Video

Below you will find a video tutorial of the steps listed above that will further demonstrate how CDM+ Event Registration can assist in the reservation process.