Released December 14, 2021

Installation Steps

Step 1: Check system requirements


  • macOS 10.14 Mojave
  • macOS 10.15 Catalina
  • macOS 11 Big Sur
  • macOS 12 Monterey
  • macOS 13 Ventura

CDM+ 12.0 runs natively on Apple Silicon and Intel.


  • Windows 10 x64 (1703 or later)
  • Windows 11 x64
  • Windows Server 2019 x64

Step 2: Backup your data

Back up all databases that will be updated to the new version. If you subscribe to CDM+ SAAS or Data Hosting you can contact support to make a backup or simply rely on the nightly backup.

Step 3: Download the installer

Click the link above to download the installer for your platform.

Step 4: Install the new version

Follow the Installing CDM+ guide to install CDM+. This will remove previous versions of CDM+ from your computer. 

Step 5: Update your database(s)

Open CDM+ and update your database(s) to the current version. 

CDM+ 12.0 Highlights

Check out What's New in CDM+ 12.0.

Issues resolved in CDM+ 12.0.0


  • CDM-8332 Bug - Quarterly Comparison Report does not print correctly in the Composite Format
  • CDM-8342 Bug - Asset Chart of Account and an Expense Chart of account is same number but shows as two assets in Bank Recon
  • CDM-8363 Bug - Importing accounting doesn't preserve all data
  • CDM-9029 Bug - Bank Rec error message when start date > end date is NOT helpful
  • CDM-9111 Bug - Deposit Processing does not print all the deposits selected
  • CDM-9492 Bug - Deposit Processing window cannot be sized smaller vertically
  • CDM-9515 Bug - Unable to clear items on a bank rec by double-clicking PC only
  • CDM-9544 Bug - Clicking an uncleared bank reconciliation item sets the focus to the asset list
  • CDM-9545 Bug - Bank Reconciliation redraws excessively
  • CDM-9598 Bug - The bank reconciliation import did not import amounts
  • CDM-2159 Story - Ability to import bank reconciliation data
  • CDM-7924 Story - Optimize navigating Deposit Processing
  • CDM-8103 Story - Limit access to marking pending contributions and deposits
  • CDM-8790 Story - Ability to jump to related records from Deposit Processing
  • CDM-8792 Story - Ability to merge payer records
  • CDM-8963 Story - Omit fetching fabankrec.uncleareditems when possible
  • CDM-9026 Story - Redesign Bank Rec UI to properly utilize new sidebar
  • CDM-9103 Story - Allow horizontally resizing the Bank Reconciliation window
  • CDM-9267 Story - Ensure panes display correctly on Recurring Ledger Entry Setup Records
  • CDM-9366 Story - Allow changing entries directly on Bank Reconciliation
  • CDM-9367 Story - Allow adding entries directly from Bank Reconciliation
  • CDM-9615 Story - Label the Bank Reconciliation Import as Beta

Accounts Payable

  • CDM-8616 Bug - Payment accrued by Credit Card in Mark Invoices to Pay is posting with that day's Transaction Date not the Invoice Date
  • CDM-8804 Bug - Vendor Balances Error
  • CDM-8842 Bug - Cannot save or cancel after deleting the first recurring transaction for a vendor
  • CDM-8869 Bug - Advanced Find on AP Recurring Transaction Report throw an invalid search and/or SQL error
  • CDM-8872 Bug - Account drop-down is improperly positioned when list is scrolled in Mark Invoices
  • CDM-9089 Bug - Changes can be made to accrued invoices paid with credit card
  • CDM-9113 Bug - Clicking 'Refresh' in the advanced search window of Recurring Transactions report causes error
  • CDM-9131 Bug - The 'None' option is not shown in icon location of Mark Invoices to pay
  • CDM-9317 Bug - Group Payments on Mark Invoices to Pay can show a block rectangles
  • CDM-9377 Bug - Info column on AP Invoice Records too wide for one specific setup
  • CDM-9380 Bug - Warning message is incorrect on AP Invoices when an entry is posted
  • CDM-9539 Bug - Accounts Payable Invoice Records ID number/Vendor stays the same as last record entered when Multi-Add
  • CDM-5856 Story - Replace the vendor search with one similar to the giving unit lookup
  • CDM-9174 Story - Redesign Invoice tab on AP Invoices to accommodate new vendor search
  • CDM-9493 Story - Update the line item icons on Accounts Payable Invoice Records to match Ledger Entry Records

Accounts Receivable

  • CDM-8696 Bug - Custom default account field only allows you to type 4 characters
  • CDM-8816 Bug - Deleting a customer tied to a posted invoice displays an error about adding a detail line
  • CDM-9004 Bug - Jumping from Sales Order record to an invoice with the AR Invoice Records window opened, displays a random invoice rather than the one associated with the Sales Order
  • CDM-9130 Bug - Error when saving AR Invoice if no invoices are displayed in the results list
  • CDM-8802 Story - Fix capitalization when attempting to save an Accounts Receivable Invoice without any detail lines
  • CDM-9107 Story - Add additional error handling when posting AR Invoices


  • CDM-7532 Bug - Administration window has a flickering effect when opening and when selecting items for a Mobile Provision (actually present throughout window)
  • CDM-9376 Bug - No table border in Administration > Mobile when there are no Provisioned Devices.


  • CDM-8424 Story - Prevent archiving records linked to un-processed deposits
  • CDM-9335 Story - Don't copy fgmobileprovision when archiving


  • CDM-8997 Bug - Unable to add Attendance to Individual Record while creating the record
  • CDM-9422 Bug - An error occurs opening any attendance entry window

Audit Logs

  • CDM-9226 Bug - A SQL error can occur viewing audit log changes to ethnic codes
  • CDM-8990 Story - Sort audit log activity by Date Changed descending by default


  • CDM-9211 Bug - Getting error when backing up an existing database

COG Regional

  • CDM-8818 Bug - COG Minister Directory can print duplicate ministers
  • CDM-9143 Bug - Error occurs clearing Individual information from COG Minister Report Records

Chart of Accounts

  • CDM-8922 Bug - Cannot sort the Funds in the Chart of Accounts
  • CDM-8923 Bug - The Title Fund Balance is not showing in the Chart of Accounts

Check Scanner

  • CDM-8950 Story - Create a universal binary micrimage-macos tool


  • CDM-9501 Bug - The icon to delete a connection is missing


  • CDM-8244 Bug - Actual vs Pledge report does not include contributions made after the last pledge detail date
  • CDM-8388 Bug - Entering the four digit code in the Pledge Record dropdown in upper right sometimes indicates that the fund does not exist
  • CDM-8464 Bug - SQL error occurs when saving a contribution if the giver is deleted before saving
  • CDM-8895 Bug - Actual vs Pledge Report is not proving the correct information with the Totals Only Option Selected
  • CDM-8933 Bug - Deleting a contribution can cause a SQL error
  • CDM-9005 Bug - Contribution Range range options are cut off on Windows
  • CDM-9151 Bug - Including non-givers on a Contribution Custom Listing and Export with contribution columns generates an error
  • CDM-9225 Bug - Opening Giving Unit Field Maintenance window causes two SQL errors to display
  • CDM-9350 Bug - Buttons in select destination of Individual or Giving Unit Merge window is not actually selecting the one chosen.
  • CDM-9352 Bug - Actual vs Pledge Detail report only shows giving to date on the first breakdown.
  • CDM-9540 Bug - SQL error when posting contributions to ledger
  • CDM-7892 Story - Standardize on Engage sources
  • CDM-9039 Story - Factor out a superclass for rcPledgeActual reports
  • CDM-9135 Story - Remove "Consider Pledge Active" options from Actual vs. Pledge report
  • CDM-9321 Story - Thin out the diving lines on the Contributions standard search

Custom Listing

  • CDM-8976 Bug - Printing a custom listing with a formatted title to PDF or CSV can give an incorrect file extension

DOC Ministers (General)

  • CDM-8108 Bug - Cannot scroll the Review/Allegation Details field on the Disclosure tab
  • CDM-8762 Bug - Cannot clear a Minister Group code through Minister List Maintenance window
  • CDM-9150 Bug - The Disclosure tab has the fields cut off on the right-side and there appears to be too much space to the left of the table.
  • CDM-9229 Bug - The circulation check for regional reference should confirm if the region of the Regional Reference and the region under the Credentials tab are the same
  • CDM-8898 Story - Allow changes on Minister Records disclosure tab
  • CDM-9409 Story - Allow Multiple Gender Selection in DOC General Ministers

DOC Ministers (Regional)

  • CDM-8729 Bug - Advanced Search using Flagged Records > Flag Date brings up results that do not appear to match search criteria
  • CDM-9046 Bug - doc.minister.ethnic_codes_desc does not update as expected
  • CDM-9076 Bug - Trying to submit an oversight transfer results in a SQL error when the region is NOT found
  • CDM-9088 Bug - Changesets require an ordination region for non-ordained ministers
  • CDM-9210 Bug - OCV is incorrect when your region is a minister's secondary region of oversight
  • CDM-9228 Bug - User can access the Minister Association Tool without owning Membership
  • CDM-9442 Bug - After updating an Individual's professional code, a search on professional codes can produce incorrect results
  • CDM-9443 Bug - New ministers can be submitted while both having standing and without having an Order of Ministry
  • CDM-9482 Bug - Changes to Ethnic Codes in DOC Regional do not save
  • CDM-9521 Bug - Change Sets tab is not displaying the Regional data correctly.
  • CDM-9536 Bug - Submit a new DOC minister with multiple genders throws SQL error

DOC Regional Ministry Positions

  • CDM-7453 Story - Add a print button to the Ministry Position side bar in DOC
  • CDM-9110 Story - Add an Organizing Committee status to DOC Ministry Position Records

Database Browser

  • CDM-8849 Bug - Database server list doesn't display the status icon
  • CDM-8850 Bug - There is a line of whitespace when selecting a database

Database Integrity

  • CDM-9200 Story - Prevent multiple email links with fk_table=individual_primary for the same fk


  • CDM-9456 Bug - Creating online credentials does not actually create them if adding an email on the fly
  • CDM-8807 Story - Ability to add multiple roles to an individual
  • CDM-9018 Story - Add engage.short_codes table
  • CDM-9074 Story - Add an Engage tab to Individual Records

Event Registration

  • CDM-8620 Bug - When a specific advanced search is defined in Registration Custom Listing and Export report, a sql error is produced
  • CDM-8704 Bug - Posting Event Registration with no items to post gives a false error
  • CDM-8817 Bug - When connecting an Individual to a Registration Entry it overrides the personal information that was manually put in
  • CDM-8882 Bug - Registration entry doesn't display the full date/time registered
  • CDM-9136 Bug - The Term "Fee Account" is Missing


  • CDM-7253 Bug - Cursor does not appear in find field interface until the user clicks into it
  • CDM-8846 Bug - Opening a Record Frame or Advanced Find window throws an error
  • CDM-9114 Bug - Find interface responds to system keys
  • CDM-9371 Bug - 'Find records where' label is not displayed properly in Window
  • CDM-9389 Bug - The find box on Related Records tab of Advanced Search does not auto-size when window is res-sized.
  • CDM-9440 Bug - Individual search on date entered does not return correct results.
  • CDM-9487 Bug - Resizing the Advanced Find window while on the Related Records tab can cause the window to grow wider
  • CDM-7193 Story - Store advanced finds as JSON
  • CDM-7627 Story - Allow searching individual roles using a check list
  • CDM-9001 Story - Select a field in the find list when typing to search
  • CDM-9035 Story - Filter Field Manager Schemas and Schema Links on Permissions Keys


  • CDM-8857 Story - Move update.ini config to config.json
  • CDM-9000 Story - Suppress Chromium Safe Storage warnings on macOS
  • CDM-9193 Story - Update the bundled Microsoft Visual Studio Redistributable Installer


  • CDM-8988 Story - Change semi-annual investments to calculate in July and January

Investor's Heritage

  • CDM-8828 Bug - An unexpected file in the ihlic upload directory breaks import


  • CDM-8835 Bug - Icon columns in Deposit Processing are NOT wide enough in Studio 10.2
  • CDM-8836 Bug - Date format changes when navigating through the Deposits list in Deposit Processing
  • CDM-9062 Bug - Make the button wording on Deposit Processing consistent with the Special Function to toggle ability to mark entries already processed
  • CDM-9080 Bug - Ledger Entry type is not showing as what is listed in the 'Type' dropdown
  • CDM-9123 Bug - A SQL error can occur saving ledger entries
  • CDM-9302 Bug - Bank Rec window uses the term 'Jump' rather than 'Go' in the lefthand sidebar
  • CDM-9308 Bug - Saving changes to 1099 & 941 labels on Ledger Entry (Windows 11) causes an artifact of the 1099 label to show.
  • CDM-9309 Bug - Reduce the size of the font in the 'CLEARED' label so that there is more spacing in the lozenge bubble.
  • CDM-9356 Bug - Interest icon is missing from the Bank Reconciliation window.
  • CDM-9368 Bug - Opening Ledger Entries window from Deposit Processing window is slow
  • CDM-9450 Bug - Making any sort of change to a Check in Ledger Entry, causes it to lose the Checking account.
  • CDM-9485 Bug - Check and Deposit tabs do not display warning messages
  • CDM-9496 Bug - Cannot void a check created from Ledger Entry Records window or from Accounts Payable
  • CDM-9513 Bug - Un-filing a Bank Rec and changing dates or balance doesn't show changes until the window is reopened
  • CDM-9523 Bug - Tabbing order on Ledger Entry records is incorrect
  • CDM-9524 Bug - Multi-adding Ledger Entry Records doesn't set the start field
  • CDM-9552 Bug - Sidebar buttons in Bank Reconciliation retain a black background after the action is complete
  • CDM-9569 Bug - User's selection is not retained after saving a Bank Rec
  • CDM-9591 Bug - User can set all amount fields in the Bank Rec import mapping utility
  • CDM-9592 Bug - Auto-populating a newly added ledger record from the Bank Rec window does not work correctly if there are unsaved changes
  • CDM-9603 Bug - Bank Rec import cannot handle quoted values that contain commas
  • CDM-9614 Bug - Negative debits/credits from a CSV will remain negative when imported into the Bank Rec
  • CDM-7628 Story - Ability to jump to records linked to an Online Deposit Ledger Entry
  • CDM-8083 Story - Eliminate fabankrec.fachartofacct_id
  • CDM-8791 Story - Change the Stewardship Technology ledger type and source to Online Deposit
  • CDM-9156 Story - Re-design Ledger Entry Records
  • CDM-9281 Story - Continue to redesign Ledger Entry Records
  • CDM-9358 Story - Extend the date range used to fetch deposit details when processing deposits
  • CDM-9550 Story - Change Check Sources to Detail on Ledger Entry Checks


  • CDM-9355 Bug - CDM+ 11.2.x on macOS 12 shows a black field on Login window
  • CDM-8965 Story - Use server-side notifications for refreshing the current user list

Master Coding System

  • CDM-7497 Story - Use server-side notification for MCS changes


  • CDM-8094 Bug - When using the text button to generate a custom listing file, some columns are merged into a single, left-most column.
  • CDM-8617 Bug - Printing an Individual Custom Listing with a specific search setting causes SQL error
  • CDM-8674 Bug - Email Addresses and Phone Numbers are not printing on Address Card Notice
  • CDM-8969 Bug - Field name not found error when opening Church tab
  • CDM-9059 Bug - If an Individual record shares the same name as the Address record, there is no way to distinguish the two on the Photos tab of Individual Records
  • CDM-9105 Bug - When adding a new individual record, the Online Credentials for the record select does not clear.
  • CDM-9109 Bug - Cannot reset the name search on Pastoral report searches
  • CDM-9198 Bug - Accounts receivable customer type on Merge Individual Records window is not displaying properly.
  • CDM-9223 Bug - Individual Field Maintenance simple find does not show the Individual fields
  • CDM-9318 Bug - Merging individuals produces an error about a duplicate key value in user_fk_fk_table
  • CDM-9332 Bug - Visitation Records is missing the Reminders Access settings
  • CDM-9441 Bug - Trying to save a new Address Record in UCC database gives a SQL Error.
  • CDM-7761 Story - Ability to merge individual records
  • CDM-9237 Story - Pre-populate a username when creating online credentials for an individual
  • CDM-9260 Story - Allow choosing multiple genders on an Individual Record

Memorial Gifts

  • CDM-9063 Bug - Reports tabs on Welcome to Memorial Gifts doesn't match the menu items
  • CDM-9054 Story - Memorial Gifts Given standard search has an extra border


  • CDM-8843 Bug - Setting fields does NOT work in Studio 10.2


  • CDM-8385 Bug - Address Emails doesn't save selected recipients properly
  • CDM-8519 Bug - Email privacy notice is not included in online emails
  • CDM-8764 Bug - Text at the bottom of the Recipients tab on Minister Sent Notice Records is cut-off
  • CDM-8788 Bug - Choosing the date format with the day typed in front of the date in Event Registration Email puts a number in front of it all
  • CDM-9145 Bug - Email is rendering blank outside of the signature
  • CDM-9152 Bug - Pasting content from an external program into a notice editor can result in strangely rendered emails


  • CDM-9118 Bug - Buttons like 'OK', 'Login', etc don't have an outline in macOS Monterey
  • CDM-9245 Bug - Invoking menu commands causes Omnis to crash
  • CDM-8734 Story - Fix duplicate field names on reMinSumPCCstat
  • CDM-8748 Story - Branch CDM+ 12.0 and rename master to main
  • CDM-8749 Story - Update to Studio 10.2
  • CDM-8891 Story - Update Dragster to a Universal Binary
  • CDM-9204 Story - Migrate our macOS Runtimes to Studio 10.2 30204
  • CDM-9463 Story - Update Brainy Data xcomps


  • CDM-8825 Bug - Editing a payroll direct deposit doesn't show the existing settlement date
  • CDM-8905 Bug - Pay Items are not removing when clicking the red X in Payroll Setup
  • CDM-8991 Bug - The Time Off Accrued menu and report title disagree
  • CDM-8995 Bug - Individual links on Employee Records are lost when an individual name is updated on Address Records.
  • CDM-9081 Bug - Bottom of Payer Records is cut off
  • CDM-9378 Bug - Cannot link employee to individual if the user has limited membership with Engage
  • CDM-9381 Bug - An error can occur while calculating Regular Payroll
  • CDM-9511 Bug - Error is thrown when searching on W2 field in Deduction Setup Records
  • CDM-9586 Bug - Posted Payroll report is empty
  • CDM-6273 Story - Check for a dedicated payroll_support plan to allow access to payroll
  • CDM-7165 Story - Related Record finds on Individual Records to Employee Records
  • CDM-7166 Story - Related Record finds on Address Records to Individual's Employee Records
  • CDM-8410 Story - Ability to mask the social security number on payroll check layouts
  • CDM-8868 Story - Clarify terminology in Payroll Direct Deposit Processing
  • CDM-8894 Story - Clarify the ACH File report title


  • CDM-8146 Bug - If you enter a string of numbers without dashes in a search for a phone number, you will get 'No matching records found'


  • CDM-9013 Bug - Unable to Save a Giving Fund in System Preferences
  • CDM-9564 Bug - User preference startup options not displayed correctly

Record Frame

  • CDM-7684 Bug - Tab options do not close when clicking another tab
  • CDM-8852 Bug - Can't close a window using a keyboard shortcut if focus is in the find field
  • CDM-8855 Bug - Tab bar is missing on record frames on macOS
  • CDM-8982 Bug - Cannot print after exiting the grid
  • CDM-9002 Bug - Shift-tabbing from a list box, does not move the cursor to the modify field
  • CDM-9119 Bug - Text is cut off on the Deletion Progress window
  • CDM-9353 Bug - Results List and Results List header flashes with a black background when selecting records in Results List.
  • CDM-9354 Bug - When opening a Record Frame window, the 'All' button in the sidebar is highlighted.
  • CDM-6492 Story - Add a standard warning message to record frames
  • CDM-7425 Story - Optimize opening record frames
  • CDM-7553 Story - Change the list button on standard lookups to use the standard Select Records window
  • CDM-8745 Story - Cache record frame preferences
  • CDM-8881 Story - Prevent creating duplicate group assignments when merging
  • CDM-8889 Story - Enhance OmnisTAP to use cached window preferences
  • CDM-8941 Story - Fix the record frame sidebar width
  • CDM-8942 Story - Smooth record frame opening and navigation
  • CDM-9169 Story - Allow sizing the results list to be smaller vertically on record windows
  • CDM-9187 Story - Only show fields with distinct values when merging
  • CDM-9199 Story - Prevent merging if the user does not have permission to change the record type
  • CDM-9227 Story - Do not display merge edit fields when there are no fields to edit
  • CDM-9401 Story - Display 'Saving' screen when saving a record


  • CDM-9061 Bug - Parent region entry field only allows entries that fit the width of the text field
  • CDM-9238 Bug - Add button on Individual regional position tab doesn't stretch to fit content
  • CDM-9239 Bug - The label for region type is cut-off on UCC Regional Records' name tab
  • CDM-8746 Story - Add a type to Region records
  • CDM-8747 Story - Add a parent region to Region records
  • CDM-8810 Story - Regional Positions tab
  • CDM-8967 Story - Set the church position historical flag based on the presence of an end date
  • CDM-9052 Story - Add terms support for region
  • CDM-9584 Story - Allow searching on individual regional positions


  • CDM-7584 Story - Server-side fieldmanager restore
  • CDM-9218 Story - Handle concurrent uploads of fieldmanager.backup when reorganizing

Report Frame

  • CDM-8986 Bug - Sending a report to Numbers can fail to open
  • CDM-9246 Bug - Custom Listing and Export Reports do not keep the preview mode selected
  • CDM-9279 Bug - Icons are missing on screen reports
  • CDM-9280 Bug - Load and back icons are missing when loading/saving reports
  • CDM-9319 Story - Lighten the background color on the Graphic tab on reports


  • CDM-8994 Bug - Multi-day events don't appear correctly
  • CDM-9194 Bug - Room Title doesn't to appear on the search description of the report
  • CDM-9264 Bug - Roommate does not find conflicts when creating a recurring event

Sales Orders

  • CDM-8501 Bug - Sales orders do not show in the Sales Order results if the giver has been deleted
  • CDM-8766 Bug - Can't jump to customer in view mode from Sales Order Records
  • CDM-8834 Bug - The 'Delete' option shows in the sidebar when adding a new Sales Order Record
  • CDM-9025 Bug - Saving a sales order with multiple invoice payments or accessing an invoice tied to a sales order with multiple invoice payments can generate SQL Error
  • CDM-8305 Story - Ability to pay Sales Orders by invoice

Search and Call

  • CDM-9137 Bug - Printing Minister Profile from DOC General Minister Records does not include the correct disclosure form.
  • CDM-9475 Bug - Performing advanced find on Ministry Position Records with related Ministry Position Sent Notices throws a SQL error
  • CDM-1287 Story - Add a historical disclosure tab for ministers

Stewardship Technology

  • CDM-9500 Bug - Failed transaction notes for a contribution and event registration is adding a %2E at the end of the sentence.
  • CDM-6210 Story - Notify givers and the organization when a transaction fails
  • CDM-9176 Story - Allow inserting fgstewardshiptechnologiestransaction from event payments in test mode
  • CDM-9206 Story - Only pass valid country codes to SST when syncing donors
  • CDM-9219 Story - Patch script changes for CDM-9206

Suran Omnis Framework

  • CDM-9289 Bug - Icons do not appear in top bar smart field
  • CDM-9426 Bug - Record windows aren't recalling their size
  • CDM-9447 Bug - Combo Boxes in Phone/Email tabs are cleared when adding new lines in Microsoft Windows
  • CDM-9526 Bug - Selecting a report destination throws an Omnis error
  • CDM-7496 Story - Implement a server-side notification framework
  • CDM-8833 Story - Rebuild screen.xcomp for Studio 10.2/Apple Silicon
  • CDM-8858 Story - Upgrade ogFileUtils to use enhanced native FileOps functionality
  • CDM-8859 Story - Update ogTextUtils.$textToList() to use native split() function
  • CDM-8860 Story - Use SVG Icons
  • CDM-8890 Story - Show ellipsis on view-only text fields
  • CDM-8939 Story - Cache ogFieldManager.$getFind methods
  • CDM-8940 Story - Cache ogFieldManager.$getAvailResults methods
  • CDM-9048 Story - Set default extra row height to 4 for all headed-list-box smart fields
  • CDM-9164 Story - Upgrade the icon for the date smartfield
  • CDM-9259 Story - Branch CDM+ 12.0
  • CDM-9273 Story - Log error codes from FileOps

Treasurer Reports

  • CDM-8795 Bug - Other Income Giving Error Message on COG Treasurer's Reports
  • CDM-9461 Story - Cast Church Code and Church File Numbers to integers when mapping Treasurer Reports to Church

UCC Profiles Portal

  • CDM-9241 Bug - Trying to create an individual in a UCC database throws an error about the Standard role
  • CDM-9242 Bug - URL for UCC home page in engage.get_ucc_home_url is incorrect
  • CDM-9596 Bug - UCC specific triggers are not always added
  • CDM-8813 Story - Update membership.fmindividual_role_names() to allow additional UCC roles
  • CDM-8830 Story - Create table for minister profile
  • CDM-8831 Story - Create table for minister background check
  • CDM-8832 Story - Create table for minister references
  • CDM-8899 Story - Create ucc.circulation table
  • CDM-8911 Story - Add tables for minister snapshots
  • CDM-8934 Story - Add trigger to only allow certain values for ucc.minister_snapshot.preferred_contact
  • CDM-8935 Story - Add view to retrieve all minister snapshot info at once
  • CDM-8944 Story - Add unique index for foreign keys in minister snapshot tables
  • CDM-8951 Story - Add integrity checks to ucc.circulation
  • CDM-9051 Story - Remove the Standard Engage role for the UCC custom version
  • CDM-9094 Story - Add "removed" column to ucc.reference
  • CDM-9101 Story - Add reference_email_id column to ucc.reference
  • CDM-9102 Story - Add sacstatus column to fmindividual
  • CDM-9115 Story - Pre-checks for validating a profile
  • CDM-9116 Story - Require completed contact information before submitting a profile for validation
  • CDM-9117 Story - Mark a profile as expired when the background check expires
  • CDM-9121 Story - Add the background check processing system to the UCC database
  • CDM-9144 Story - Add validation notes column to ucc.circulation
  • CDM-9147 Story - Add background_check_id to ucc.circulation and remove ucc_circulation_id from ucc_background_check
  • CDM-9178 Story - Add Circulating with Changes Awaiting Validation as valid fmindividual.sacstatus
  • CDM-9179 Story - Add Failed Validation as valid ucc.circulation.status
  • CDM-9209 Story - Modify or remove character limit validation on ucc.reference
  • CDM-9214 Story - Add allow_changes and unlocked_datetime columns to ucc.circulation
  • CDM-9224 Story - Track UCC minister data on individuals
  • CDM-9233 Story - Add ucc_race_ethnicities and ucc_race_ethnicities_desc to ucc.minister_data and MCS for their values
  • CDM-9235 Story - Add disability column to ucc.minister_data
  • CDM-9257 Story - Add a UCC Minister tab to Individual Records
  • CDM-9262 Story - Move fmindividual.sacstatus to ucc.minister_data
  • CDM-9275 Story - Add columns for required validation info on ucc.circulation
  • CDM-9341 Story - Use a customized navigation for the UCC
  • CDM-9346 Story - Update ucc.geographic_availability to foreign key to individual instead of snapshot
  • CDM-9347 Story - Update ucc.minister_snapshot_info view with profile status
  • CDM-9349 Story - Remove "Snapshot Database User" role from valid options
  • CDM-9363 Story - Update Import Background Checks to only show Ministers with Initiated BG Check in Minister List
  • CDM-9387 Story - Add columns for second and third key accomplishments to ucc.minister_profile
  • CDM-9396 Story - Add validation to fmcontactnumber to prevent address-only contact numbers for UCC
  • CDM-9414 Story - Add validation for ecclesiastical options
  • CDM-9415 Story - Add more columns to ucc.ecclesiastical
  • CDM-9427 Story - Only require UCC Person ID for Ministers
  • CDM-9436 Story - Move validation for UCC preferred contact to standard validation
  • CDM-9451 Story - Allow education and vocational start year to be populated with end year set to 1
  • CDM-9464 Story - Add designated_term column and remove completed column in ucc.geographic_availability
  • CDM-9465 Story - Add a trigger to set conference_desc on ucc.geographic_availability
  • CDM-9466 Story - Add validator_id column to ucc.circulation
  • CDM-9495 Story - Add viewed_closing and viewed_supplemental and viewed_interim columns to ucc.minister_profile
  • CDM-9503 Story - Require a completed profile before submitting for validation
  • CDM-9522 Story - Update ucc.minister_snapshot_info to include circulation and standing data
  • CDM-9528 Story - Add validator_title, validator_conference_id, and validator_association_id columns to ucc.circulation
  • CDM-9537 Story - Add table for tracking profile downloads
  • CDM-9541 Story - Add Search and Call status to UCC Minister find fields
  • CDM-9576 Story - Add trigger that will call API when published circulation status changes
  • CDM-9580 Story - Add ucc.circulation_history table
  • CDM-9582 Story - Add Reports to the UCC version
  • CDM-9590 Story - Update ucc.reference_validate to only run when validated columns are updated
  • CDM-9594 Story - Update disability validation and add migration for existing values


  • CDM-9532 Bug - An error can occur updating a 9.3.4 database to 12.0
  • CDM-9212 Story - Bootstrap server-side restore for fieldmanager
  • CDM-9272 Story - Optimize the find migration

User Customizations

  • CDM-9328 Bug - The Death Register doesn't display the Burial date
  • CDM-9334 Bug - Can't open Registers from the Welcome to Membership window
  • CDM-9504 Bug - Parish Registers option does not appear in Print menu on left side-bar
  • CDM-9505 Bug - Death Register does not include records that should be included
  • CDM-3631 Story - Remove the customization for Foursquare Nigeria (FSGN/FSN)

User Fields

  • CDM-8726 Bug - User Field Maintenance generates duplicates
  • CDM-8805 Bug - Deleting 2 or more user fields at once does not save
  • CDM-9104 Bug - An error occurs when changing user fields


  • CDM-9192 Bug - Observer class cannot discern between an uppercase data name and lower case data name when notifying