Released December 28, 2021

Installation Steps

Step 1: Check system requirements


  • macOS 10.14 Mojave
  • macOS 10.15 Catalina
  • macOS 11 Big Sur
  • macOS 12 Monterey
  • macOS 13 Ventura

CDM+ 12.0 runs natively on Apple Silicon and Intel.


  • Windows 10 x64 (1703 or later)
  • Windows 11 x64
  • Windows Server 2019 x64

Step 2: Backup your data

Back up all databases that will be updated to the new version. If you subscribe to CDM+ SAAS or Data Hosting you can contact support to make a backup or simply rely on the nightly backup.

Step 3: Download the installer

Click the link above to download the installer for your platform.

Step 4: Install the new version

Follow the Installing CDM+ guide to install CDM+. This will remove previous versions of CDM+ from your computer. 

Step 5: Update your database(s)

Open CDM+ and update your database(s) to the current version. 

CDM+ 12.0 Highlights

Check out What's New in CDM+ 12.0.

Issues resolved in CDM+ 12.0.1


  • CDM-9631 Bug - Bank Rec's uncleared column hides when restoring window from minimize state
  • CDM-9647 Bug - Selecting the budget year on the Budget report causes an error
  • CDM-9650 Story - Mark fgstewardshiptechnologytransaction records inserted for failed transactions as processed


  • CDM-9215 Bug - An error can occur archiving address records


  • CDM-9559 Bug - User gets an error when adding a new batch in Batch Gift Entry window

DOC Ministers (General)

  • CDM-9556 Bug - Can't compare the integer of sex_id for demographics with the array of master code ids

DOC Ministers (Regional)

  • CDM-8698 Story - Include 'Unlisted' flag in Change Sets for Phones and Emails

DOC Regional Ministry Positions

  • CDM-9100 Story - Add Ministry Position Records as a related record search from Individual Records

Database Integrity

  • CDM-9601 Story - Add triggers for sexual_orientation and pronouns on ucc.minister_data


  • CDM-9653 Bug - An error can occur archiving records when using an advanced find date search


  • CDM-9549 Bug - Ledger Entry Record Check Tab doesn't always assign the detail amount
  • CDM-9634 Bug - Bank Rec imported items raw data view does not render values that contain commas correctly.
  • CDM-9661 Bug - Bank Reconciliation window sorts filed reconciliations before un-filed ones by default regardless of date
  • CDM-9666 Bug - When import bank rec data with debits and credits, the amounts import as zero
  • CDM-9667 Bug - When opening Bank Rec window, Entry is the only ADD option
  • CDM-9669 Bug - After deleting a bank reconciliation, the window does not load the contents of the selected reconciliation
  • CDM-9670 Bug - 'Clear as Bank Charge' and 'Clear as Interest' are swapped
  • CDM-9616 Story - Improvements for Bank Rec import


  • CDM-9340 Story - Enhance individual merging to handle UCC specific tables


  • CDM-8242 Bug - Payroll check can print doubled after an error occurs when printing checks
  • CDM-9546 Bug - Background windows jump to the front
  • CDM-9611 Bug - An error occurs opening the Time Off tab in Employee Records when in add/change mode
  • CDM-9633 Bug - An error occurs accessing the Employee Records' comment tab when in add/change mode
  • CDM-9625 Story - Enhance Colorado tax calculations to work with new withholding certificate.
  • CDM-9629 Story - Enhance payroll calculations to handle WI diminishing standard deduction
  • CDM-9638 Story - Enhance NY tax calculations to handle higher wage formulas
  • CDM-9649 Story - Remove dependent allowance and the federal tax deduction from the MO withholding tax calculations
  • CDM-9684 Story - Enhance Federal withholding to calculate correctly for 2022
  • CDM-9685 Story - Enhance Iowa withholding to calculate correctly for 2022

Record Frame

  • CDM-9639 Story - Prevent saving tab preferences on embedded record frames

Report Frame

  • CDM-9645 Bug - The font size on the Select Report Destination dialog in Windows is too large and is cutting of the words Screen and Printer.

Sales Orders

  • CDM-9630 Bug - On the Inventory Item Records, the Quantity on Hand is not being displayed

Search and Call

  • CDM-9563 Story - Add a unique index on sac2013.demographics for sac2013_profile_id

Search and Call Regional

  • CDM-8080 Story - Add a salary range search to the DOC Minister Search
  • CDM-8763 Story - Remove the Financial Tab in the Profile Search for DOC

Stewardship Technology

  • CDM-9655 Bug - Additional offsetting gifts are inserted for failed transactions

Suran Omnis Framework

  • CDM-9680 Bug - An error occurs when selecting the Check-In tab on Individual Records when in add or change mode
  • CDM-9593 Story - Polish merging with multiple editable records

UCC Profiles Portal

  • CDM-9648 Bug - When a UCC background check is initiated it is not set as the background check for the unpublished profile
  • CDM-9654 Bug - Ministers with expired background check still show validated profiles in Search Snapshots
  • CDM-9393 Story - Only allow one profile record for a circulation record
  • CDM-9397 Story - Enhance UI to prevent address-only emails/phone numbers for UCC
  • CDM-9560 Story - Remove completed column from ucc.minister_profile

User Customizations

  • CDM-9327 Story - Allow toggling between Death and Burial date on the Duluth Registers report

Women's Reports

  • CDM-9636 Bug - An error occurs adding a breakdown line on the Financial tab of Women's Report Records