Released November 20, 2023

Installation Steps

Step 1: Check system requirements


  • macOS 10.14 Mojave
  • macOS 10.15 Catalina
  • macOS 11 Big Sur
  • macOS 12 Monterey
  • macOS 13 Ventura
  • macOS 14 Sonoma

CDM+ 12.1 runs natively on Apple Silicon and Intel.


  • Windows 10 x64 (1703 or later)
  • Windows 11 x64
  • Windows Server 2019 x64

Step 2: Backup your data

Back up all databases that will be updated to the new version. If you subscribe to CDM+ SAAS or Data Hosting you can contact support to make a backup or simply rely on the nightly backup.

Step 3: Download the installer

Click the link above to download the installer for your platform.

Step 4: Install the new version

Follow the Installing CDM+ guide to install CDM+. This will remove previous versions of CDM+ from your computer. 

Step 5: Update your database(s)

Open CDM+ and update your database(s) to the current version. 

Issues resolved in CDM+ 12.1.0


  • CDM-10604 Bug - US zip extension does not print on Aatrix forms


  • CDM-9686 Bug - Can't use keyboard to trigger Save or Cancel when adding/changing from a bank rec
  • CDM-11516 Bug - The related record find from Ledger Records to Bank Reconciliation has an incorrect description

Accounts Payable

  • CDM-10681 Bug - In macOS Ventura, selecting an invoice in Mark Invoices to Pay causes the field/line to turn black.
  • CDM-10838 Bug - Payables reports shows a -14
  • CDM-11518 Bug - Address Line 2 is missing from the find and result column fields on Vendor Records

Accounts Receivable

  • CDM-10492 Bug - Print Term Lines and Print Service Charge Line default is not set when creating from recurring

Activation and Serialization

  • CDM-10883 Bug - Users with Accounting and a merchant account do not have access to Online Billing
  • CDM-10361 Story - CDM+ Essentials
  • CDM-10747 Story - Add UID 13509 to serialization.is_suran_user()
  • CDM-10785 Story - Add the Starter plan


  • CDM-10477 Bug - Do not show 'Allow user to administer Online Giving' in a UCC database.
  • CDM-10560 Bug - In CDM+ Essentials, Sets under Administration is not showing sets it is staying on the what was previously selected.
  • CDM-10592 Story - Add a system preference for API


  • CDM-10563 Bug - Archiving Registration records with an advanced find can throw a SQL error
  • CDM-10585 Bug - Archiving records with advanced finds in Standard mode may generate a SQL error
  • CDM-10657 Bug - Unable to choose from the Event fields for preview columns in archiving
  • CDM-11648 Bug - Choosing a destination database for an archive does not prompt to authenticate when an update is needed
  • CDM-10278 Story - Don't copy Stewardship Credentials when archiving
  • CDM-10765 Story - Prevent archiving contributions linked to a published statement


  • CDM-10538 Bug - Backing up a database with CDM+ 12.0.7 on a hosting server updated to CDM+ 12.0.8 or higher causes errors.

COG Regional

  • CDM-10805 Bug - Older Minister Reports are missing information
  • CDM-11237 Bug - Creating a Treasurer's Reports does not actually create the transaction
  • CDM-11299 Bug - Errors are not being handled when creating an ACH on the church window
  • CDM-11380 Bug - Adding a Giving Fund to Women's Ministry Report Setup throws an error
  • CDM-11405 Bug - Dont check for SST on ACH tab of church records
  • CDM-10806 Story - Indicate on the Minister Report if the report was filed online or entered manually
  • CDM-10846 Story - Ability to make Treasurer Report payments through Tempe
  • CDM-11012 Story - Enhance Church records ACH tab to save/update payment info with PAY service
  • CDM-11018 Story - Disable editing church ACH accounts
  • CDM-11257 Story - Fix description not populating on Women's reports

COG Voting

  • CDM-10586 Bug - COG Manual Voting Bug
  • CDM-10595 Story - Replace presidential example data with ice cream for electronic voting
  • CDM-10599 Story - Add horizontal lines to the Voting Results report


  • CDM-10598 Bug - In DOC General, 'Download' is misspelled on the confirmation for chaplaincy report
  • CDM-10553 Story - Use snap to download form on chaplaincy tab
  • CDM-10570 Story - Migration to update in progress chaplaincy forms to v2
  • CDM-10575 Story - Add foreign key checks to chaplaincy.annual_report
  • CDM-10576 Story - Only allow one in progress chaplaincy form per minister
  • CDM-10615 Story - Change printing Chaplain's forms to open the PDF


  • CDM-11302 Bug - Icons do not display correctly in staff CICO


  • CDM-8535 Bug - Contribution Custom Listing shows duplicate records when grouping by giving unit and including aggregate breakdown columns
  • CDM-10101 Bug - Process Pending Gifts window exceeds max height allowed for a stand-alone window
  • CDM-10322 Bug - The Welcome to Contributions window uses the singular term in the window title
  • CDM-10326 Bug - The fund breakdown on the Daily Contribution Breakdown report should be listed in alphabetical order
  • CDM-10542 Bug - On the Transaction Custom Listing Report, we need to populate all of Stewardships Statuses and Response Codes so users can see Statuses such as 'Declined' with the response code.
  • CDM-10579 Bug - Pending code appears on the Donor Selection field of Contribution Custom Listing and Export when in an Essentials database
  • CDM-10623 Bug - Recurring Contributions Detail has the wrong header
  • CDM-10666 Bug - Recurring gifts from Engage are not inserted with Transaction Reference Numbers when the database is NOT in live mode
  • CDM-10677 Bug - Recurring Gifts can fail to insert the final gift if the transaction occurs after the CDM+ end date
  • CDM-10679 Bug - Certain fields on the Contributions Custom Listing and Export cause multiple lines to print
  • CDM-10767 Bug - Non-Contribution fields are not marked as "full contribution" in the Contribution Custom Listing and Export report
  • CDM-10773 Bug - Users can create Giving Unit Records without linking it to a Church or Address Record via Process Pending Contribution
  • CDM-10782 Bug - Performing a related record search with record type 'Order Payment' throws an error if the criteria includes 'All Results'
  • CDM-10796 Bug - Users can enter an end date that is before the start date on the Actual vs Pledge report
  • CDM-10801 Bug - Frequency field displays incorrectly for setups that are either one-time or recur on the 1st and the 15th
  • CDM-10831 Bug - If a field is skipped in Organization Name (under System Preferences), then the Address and City, State, Zip lines merge onto one on Print Statements report
  • CDM-10839 Bug - Send recurring emails function returns early for dev and main environments
  • CDM-10885 Bug - Recurring Contributions Forecast does not report 1st and 15th or one-time gifts correctly
  • CDM-10897 Bug - Selecting 'Suffix' for email/phone number fields does not print a person's suffix name
  • CDM-10914 Bug - Daily Report of Contributions does not use term support
  • CDM-10923 Bug - Text Giving Fees do not use 0 values from engage.fee_percentage
  • CDM-10970 Bug - Should not be able to delete a giving unit with a recurring or future one-time gift
  • CDM-10973 Bug - Contributions Custom Listing and Export doesn't consistently output data
  • CDM-11002 Bug - Adding new lines to an online gift in CDM+ does not create new transaction links for those lines
  • CDM-11014 Bug - Deposit ID not populating
  • CDM-11017 Bug - Default account for giving unit is not cleared when pay.account record is deleted
  • CDM-11019 Bug - Not all gifts are returned from the recent gifts view
  • CDM-11028 Bug - Deleting the last gift record on a statement throws an error
  • CDM-11029 Bug - Contribution Custom Listing and Export can run slow or not produce results when including columns for breakdown fees and net
  • CDM-11046 Bug - Deleting a detail line linked to a gift that was created through Tempe throws an error
  • CDM-11062 Bug - Return individual suffix in pay/donor_information_report
  • CDM-11247 Bug - Contributions Custom Listing and Export report times out
  • CDM-11264 Bug - Breakdown columns are available on Contribution Records and can cause multiple results per contribution
  • CDM-11270 Bug - Merging donors links the donor to multiple account holders
  • CDM-11328 Bug - The fcrecurringsetup view presents gifts on the 1st and 16th with a null recurpreset
  • CDM-11365 Bug - Recurring Contributions Forecast report does not work with '1st and 16th' frequency
  • CDM-11409 Bug - Donor Information One endpoint excludes some results
  • CDM-11426 Bug - 'Transaction' and 'Transaction Breakdown Line' fields do not print on the Contributions Custom Listing and Export report for Regional databases
  • CDM-11460 Bug - NULL deposit dates can be returned from sst.deposit_detail_designation_detail_with_contact_info()
  • CDM-11517 Bug - pay.recent_gifts view omits results that are not linked to a pay.schedule
  • CDM-11520 Bug - Trigger catching update error on contributions.fcgivingdetail_giving_statement_link should be a BEFORE UPDATE trigger
  • CDM-11522 Bug - Total contributions does not total correctly when there are no other gift fields on Contribution custom listing
  • CDM-10554 Story - Remove Contribution Setup window
  • CDM-10600 Story - Hide Process Pending if auto process guest gifts and no pending contributions
  • CDM-10607 Story - Recurring Contributions Setup Custom Listing and Export
  • CDM-10609 Story - Add a date range to the Recurring Contributions Listing standard search
  • CDM-10622 Story - Include all sources on the Recurring Contributions Detail report
  • CDM-10628 Story - Prevent marking the giving fund used for Engage Fee Assist as inactive
  • CDM-10659 Story - Data structures for online giving statements
  • CDM-10660 Story - Database function to create an online giving statement
  • CDM-10672 Story - Ability to format giving funds custom field
  • CDM-10693 Story - Estimated Fee field
  • CDM-10734 Story - Mark recurring gifts as cancelled when their payment method expires
  • CDM-10742 Story - Add contributions.giving_statement_batch
  • CDM-10743 Story - Update contributions.giving_statment to work with contributions.giving_statement_batch
  • CDM-10745 Story - Ability to generate giving statements for a specific range of giving unit codes
  • CDM-10748 Story - Related record search for online statements
  • CDM-10757 Story - Allow linking individuals to Giving Units in Essentials without membership
  • CDM-10760 Story - Ability to administer Online Statements through CDM+ Desktop
  • CDM-10764 Story - Add warning to contribution records when there is a linked giving statement
  • CDM-10766 Story - Update giving statement view
  • CDM-10778 Story - Populate statuses for historical recurring setups
  • CDM-10783 Story - Expose Contribution Statements - Line in CDM+ Essentials for Migrated Stewardship clients
  • CDM-10786 Story - Ability to create a single giving statement from batch
  • CDM-10787 Story - Compute ending date for online setups in Recurring Contributions Custom Listing and Export
  • CDM-10791 Story - Add fcgivingunit.emailstatement to giving statement view
  • CDM-10802 Story - Adjust `create_giving_statement_batch` db function to return the new batch id
  • CDM-10828 Story - Show Send Email on Giving Units for all Essentials users
  • CDM-10855 Story - Ability to add the default giving unit email address to Giving Unit results and reports
  • CDM-10859 Story - Return giving email for donor from giving statement view
  • CDM-10864 Story - Allow linking individuals to giving units for any user that has Engage access without membership
  • CDM-10881 Story - Make fcrecurringsetup an updatable view
  • CDM-10898 Story - Enhance transaction sync to validate any recurring setups create within the past week
  • CDM-10903 Story - Create view for checkGiftReport
  • CDM-10907 Story - Create view for DepositDesignationDetailByDepositDate
  • CDM-10908 Story - Create view for DonorsTransactionInformationSettlementDate
  • CDM-10911 Story - Create view for AccountSchedules
  • CDM-10919 Story - Create view for PCADepositDetailDesignationDetailwithContactInfo
  • CDM-10924 Story - Database function to calculate next occurrence of a recurring gift
  • CDM-10928 Story - Sort CheckGiftReport results
  • CDM-10930 Story - Add Deposit ID to Transaction Custom Listing and Export
  • CDM-10931 Story - Sort DepositDesignationDetail results
  • CDM-11097 Story - Mark recurring gifts as 'Failed' instead of 'Canceled' when they end because of a failed gift
  • CDM-11166 Story - Limit recurring gift pre-creation to the active payment merchant
  • CDM-11259 Story - Add pay account status to the pay recurring gifts view
  • CDM-11277 Story - Update process pending contributions to modify pay.transaction_link directly instead of using fgstewardshiptechnologiestransaction
  • CDM-11293 Story - Create recurring Engage gifts from PDE data instead of recurrence schedules
  • CDM-11323 Story - Change status from 'Scheduled' to 'Active' on pay.schedule when a scheduled gift is authorized for the first time
  • CDM-11326 Story - Add engage_giving_set_id column to contributions.recurring_gift
  • CDM-11378 Story - Recurring Forecast Custom Listing
  • CDM-11388 Story - Update the deposit date on a gift to match the effective date of the deposit when processing fees
  • CDM-11393 Story - Optimize donors transaction information view
  • CDM-11399 Story - Add 'Description' column to 'recurrence.schedule'
  • CDM-11400 Story - Move description trigger from 'fcRecurringSetup' to the tables that make up the view
  • CDM-11458 Story - Don't modify Deposit Date and Deposit ID on gift when processing/un-processing deposits
  • CDM-11506 Story - Add Giving Statements to Related Fields for Contribution Records

DOC General Ministry Positions

  • CDM-11413 Story - View for DHM ministry positions

DOC Ministers (General)

  • CDM-10505 Bug - Withdrawal notes are not populating in the Overview Notes section in Ministry records
  • CDM-10593 Bug - Opening WebMinPro for a minister results in an Access denied message
  • CDM-10480 Story - Notify regions when processing an oversight transfer
  • CDM-11296 Story - Replace Anne Marie's email and name

DOC Ministers (Regional)

  • CDM-10879 Story - Insert missing regional minister data record in minister sync

Database API

  • CDM-10963 Story - Update pay endpoints to use for DonorID instead of fcgivingunit.code

Database Browser

  • CDM-10866 Bug - Self-hosted users can get an error opening the database picker
  • CDM-8215 Story - Optimize switching between databases

Database Integrity

  • CDM-11177 Bug - pay.one_time_charge ids are not unique
  • CDM-11262 Bug - recurrence.schedule is missing a unique index on ID
  • CDM-11278 Bug - contributions.giving_statement does not have a unique index on ID
  • CDM-11279 Bug - contributions.giving_statement_batch does not have a unique index on ID
  • CDM-11280 Bug - engage.short_codes does not have a unique index on ID
  • CDM-11281 Bug - pay.settings does not have a unique index on ID
  • CDM-11282 Bug - ucc.circulation does not have a unique index on ID
  • CDM-11283 Bug - ucc.authorization_standing does not have a unique index on ID
  • CDM-11284 Bug - fgSMTPCheckResult does not have a unique index for ID
  • CDM-11285 Bug - postgresql_roles.cluster_roles does not have a unique index on ID
  • CDM-11286 Bug - postgresql_roles.database_info_cluster_role does not have a unique index on ID
  • CDM-11288 Bug - fgImportColumnLink does not have a unique index on ID


  • CDM-10661 Story - Branch CDM+ 12.1


  • CDM-10547 Bug - When the Engage Setting window is open in CDM+ but in the background, clicking on the Engage Settings window does not come to the foreground.
  • CDM-10573 Bug - Cannot open CDM+ Engage Settings and Search Transactions at the same time
  • CDM-10574 Bug - Saving a change from CDM+ Engage Settings throws an 'Access Denied' error when reloading
  • CDM-10630 Bug - Recurring gifts in Engage are showing an extra active gift
  • CDM-10775 Bug - Cannot clear online credentials to allow a merge
  • CDM-10892 Bug - Creating an online account throws an error if there is an existing engage.user record with a blank username
  • CDM-10450 Story - Add Transaction Calendar and Dashboard menu lines
  • CDM-10565 Story - Add auto_process_guest_gifts column to engage.staff_email_address
  • CDM-10580 Story - Remove an inactive Giving Fund from a Giving Set automatically
  • CDM-10612 Story - Add a published column to engage.giving_set
  • CDM-10645 Story - Warn a user when setting an inactive Giving Fund that is used in enabled recurring gifts
  • CDM-10671 Story - Add `allowed_payment_method` column to `engage.giving_sets`
  • CDM-10794 Story - Add padding to CDM+ Engage windows

Event Registration

  • CDM-10286 Bug - Event Tab in Individual Records is missing
  • CDM-10385 Bug - Event Start Time is no longer an option to add in Notices
  • CDM-10596 Bug - "Please enter a valid search" error when running Activity Name Badge report
  • CDM-10749 Bug - Users can create mismatched deposits by modifying the amounts on registration payments
  • CDM-11067 Bug - Account number is not connecting in Deposit Processing for Event Registration deposits
  • CDM-11301 Bug - Age is blank on Event Registration Entry Records when birthdate has been populated
  • CDM-11408 Bug - Event Registration reports do not show the correct balance due when there is a processing fee
  • CDM-10471 Story - Add a Payment Custom Listing and Export report to Event Registration
  • CDM-10473 Story - Add a Events Custom Listing and Export report to Event Registration
  • CDM-10667 Story - Database function for function to call API endpoint to send SERT email for essentials
  • CDM-10920 Story - Create view for PCAEventDepositDetails
  • CDM-10994 Story - Call API to make transactions for event registrations from WMT
  • CDM-11003 Story - Add tests for registration database functions and Tempe transactions
  • CDM-11415 Story - Add Fee Amount and Net Amount fields to Event API


  • CDM-10735 Story - Ability to specify full application path in macOS installers


  • CDM-11188 Bug - Tabbing into the liability account on Investment Records clears the field


  • CDM-10287 Bug - Searching on type in Ledger Entry User Field Maintenance produces a SQL error
  • CDM-10295 Bug - Searching ledger entries can take an extremely long amount of time
  • CDM-10308 Bug - Uncleared checks print with incorrect amounts on Bank Reconciliation report
  • CDM-10597 Bug - CSV files do not appear in the 'Select File' window for the Bank Rec import (Windows only)
  • CDM-10641 Bug - Check Listing Report does not accurately Search by Check Number
  • CDM-10642 Bug - Check Listing Report is not sorting by Date Correctly
  • CDM-10643 Bug - Check Listing Report is overlapping data from the Cleared Column and it is Hard to Read the Check# Column
  • CDM-10993 Bug - Users migrated to Paragon cannot process deposits
  • CDM-10999 Bug - Error occurs when processing deposits from Tempe
  • CDM-11119 Bug - Deposit Processing doesn't reflect one-time charges correctly
  • CDM-11269 Bug - Unable to update an account number in Deposit Processing, and save the change
  • CDM-11300 Bug - Deposit Processing only shows the description for the first breakdown line of the transaction
  • CDM-11343 Bug - Deposit Processing preview displays the incorrect account or no account at all in the Total section
  • CDM-11345 Bug - Deposit Processing can display different dates for users in different timezones


  • CDM-10771 Bug - Scrollbar sometimes doesn't appear in the database-picker window when it should
  • CDM-10601 Story - Enhance token generation to use an upsert to reset the expiration date if the new token violates the unique constraint

Master Coding System

  • CDM-10578 Bug - Printer icon does not display on the Print button in the Master Coding System


  • CDM-10482 Bug - On the Welcome to Membership window, allow the button title to wrap if needed to accommodate terms

Mobile Provisioning

  • CDM-10591 Story - Add an API type to mobile provisions


  • CDM-11322 Bug - Has access to Engage Giving Statements from inside CDM even when access is turned off in Administration


  • CDM-10668 Story - Update to Studio 10.22 31840
  • CDM-11641 Story - Update to Studio 10.22 Build 32066

Payment Processing

  • CDM-10958 Bug - Updating a Tempe transaction through the view triggers for fgStewardshipTechnologiesTransaction will create a placeholder account for the given donor and payment type if one does not already exist, even if one is not needed
  • CDM-10978 Bug - Linking a merchant asset account can fail if some assets are inactive
  • CDM-10982 Bug - Typo in error when linking a merchant to an inactive asset account
  • CDM-10983 Bug - Typo in error when deleting an online recurring setup from outside of the API
  • CDM-11030 Bug - Transaction Custom Listing Report gives 'No Matching Records'
  • CDM-11031 Bug - Remove account link from pay.donor_information_one
  • CDM-11045 Bug - Column firstmane on pay.account_holder_account_info should be firstname
  • CDM-11049 Bug - Get tempe responses from the update file
  • CDM-11058 Bug - Split fee percentage can be below 0 and above 1.
  • CDM-11061 Bug - Transaction Custom Listing will not print results if the date range is only for one day
  • CDM-11065 Bug - Record description for a registration, fapayment, fmclerkreport is returned incorrectly
  • CDM-11096 Bug - Under CDM+ Engage Tab, Schedule Gifts take over 4 minutes to Appear
  • CDM-11274 Bug - Payment method missing from deposit detail endpoint
  • CDM-11347 Bug - Fees and Net fields not mapping to new fields in build 11122
  • CDM-11366 Bug - PDE doesn't link the CDM+ records when processing a refund for a pending gift that was marked as already entered
  • CDM-11377 Bug - Processing deposit fee updates does not correctly handle ACH fees
  • CDM-11389 Bug - Processing failed recurring transactions that were never authorized does not mark the transaction as 'Failed'
  • CDM-11410 Bug - Posted transactions that fail do not reverse their CDM+ record
  • CDM-11470 Bug - Upgrading approval database fails migration 1095
  • CDM-11472 Bug - Processing the recurring PDE data doesn't mark pre-created transactions as failed
  • CDM-11510 Bug - fgstewardshiptechnologiestransaction view omits transactions that are not linked to schedule
  • CDM-10714 Story - Create pay schema
  • CDM-10715 Story - Add pay.processor view
  • CDM-10716 Story - Add pay.merchant
  • CDM-10717 Story - Add pay.account_holder
  • CDM-10718 Story - Add pay.account_holder_link
  • CDM-10719 Story - Add pay.account
  • CDM-10720 Story - Add pay.schedule and pay.schedule_link
  • CDM-10721 Story - Add pay.transaction
  • CDM-10722 Story - Add pay.transaction_link
  • CDM-10724 Story - Add pay.bank_activity
  • CDM-10725 Story - Add pay.batch
  • CDM-10726 Story - Add recurrence schema
  • CDM-10727 Story - Add recurrence.schedule
  • CDM-10728 Story - Dynamically add Big X columns
  • CDM-10729 Story - Add database function to define frequencies throughout the program
  • CDM-10751 Story - Add status call to Tempe for pay.processor
  • CDM-10788 Story - Add function to support pay.processor view
  • CDM-10837 Story - Make fgstewardshiptechnologiestransaction an updatable view
  • CDM-10840 Story - Add pay.one_time_charge
  • CDM-10844 Story - Ability to merge tempe customers
  • CDM-10850 Story - Process Tempe update file
  • CDM-10851 Story - Can use Deposit Processing through Tempe
  • CDM-10888 Story - Add Tempe Sandbox/Production results to pay.get_processors
  • CDM-10890 Story - Add table pay.settings
  • CDM-10905 Story - Use pay.account for expiring card notifications
  • CDM-10906 Story - Add account_type and check_type columns to pay.account
  • CDM-10910 Story - Create view for VerifyTransaction
  • CDM-10912 Story - Create view for DonorInformationOne
  • CDM-10918 Story - Add a utility to calculate the next occurrence of a recurrence schedule
  • CDM-10921 Story - Don't return an error if giving detail is inserted with null transactionreferencenumber
  • CDM-10927 Story - Return early in sync giver to sst if processor is not EGS
  • CDM-10933 Story - Update validate_bank_information trigger to prevent having Business and Savings account and check types
  • CDM-10939 Story - Add a view for SearchTransactions endpoint
  • CDM-10941 Story - Add status validation triggers to tables in the Pay schema
  • CDM-10952 Story - Ability to query pde from a CDM+ database
  • CDM-10966 Story - Process Transaction Auth file
  • CDM-10967 Story - Process Transaction Settle file
  • CDM-10968 Story - Process Deposit Fee file
  • CDM-10971 Story - Offset and send out notifications for refunded and failed transactions
  • CDM-10974 Story - Optimize pay.donors_transaction_information
  • CDM-10980 Story - Refactor Search Transactions View
  • CDM-10988 Story - Send out notices for recurring transactions
  • CDM-10990 Story - Archive tables in the pay schema during archive
  • CDM-10991 Story - Allow "0" in pay settings for payment/payroll merchant ID's
  • CDM-10995 Story - Repair recurring transactions for users who have migrated to Tempe
  • CDM-11008 Story - Handle repeat attempts at failed transactions
  • CDM-11011 Story - Migration to clear payroll merchant settings when there isn't one
  • CDM-11036 Story - Reverse transactions as incomplete once they have not been created within 7 days
  • CDM-11044 Story - Update next_gift_date when next_gift_date is queried
  • CDM-11060 Story - Add database migration to restore deleted pay.account records from API-1477
  • CDM-11064 Story - Update Transaction Custom Listing and Export to reflect the switch to Tempe
  • CDM-11111 Story - Reverse AP DUP OK APPROVED transactions
  • CDM-11178 Story - Only mark transaction links with negative amounts as 'reversal'
  • CDM-11241 Story - Enhance transaction statuses and validation triggers
  • CDM-11246 Story - Add fgstewardshiptechnologiesdonor to get_description_for_table database function
  • CDM-11261 Story - Don't cancel recurring schedules when a card transaction fails
  • CDM-11265 Story - Optimize PDE interactions
  • CDM-11266 Story - Create refund transactions with negative amount during PDE processing
  • CDM-11275 Story - Update deposit_detail_designation_detail_with_contact_info endpoint to use 'pay' tables
  • CDM-11297 Story - Match pre-created recurring gifts using frequency duration
  • CDM-11307 Story - Add triggers to prevent updating external id once it is populated
  • CDM-11310 Story - Add a migration to populate pay.account name on card from most recent transaction
  • CDM-11311 Story - Add a migration to clear default accounts on churches and giving units that aren't Active accounts
  • CDM-11336 Story - Enhance update-file processor to include credit fees when processing deposit fees
  • CDM-11346 Story - Ensure transactions and transaction links have positive fee amounts
  • CDM-11360 Story - Migration to move existing reversal entries to new transaction for Return
  • CDM-11387 Story - Triggers to check for transaction and schedule duplicates
  • CDM-11391 Story - Show errors from Tempe instead of "%<NULL%"
  • CDM-11398 Story - Update view for pay.fees to use "VISA"
  • CDM-11432 Story - Add payload column to pay.schedule
  • CDM-11473 Story - Enhance Search Transactions view to omit 'Deleted' statuses
  • CDM-11474 Story - Exclude 'Deleted' transactions from Transaction Custom Listing
  • CDM-11475 Story - Enhance Pay views to omit 'Deleted' statuses
  • CDM-11477 Story - Enhance PDE to handle 'Deleted' transactions
  • CDM-11478 Story - Change pay.transaction_link trigger to set income_account_id and expense_account id to 0 if not valid
  • CDM-11499 Story - Change pay.bank_activity.activity_datetime to be a date column rather than a datetime column
  • CDM-11519 Story - Ignore RELEASED FUNDS when processing PDE
  • CDM-11536 Story - Correct deposits for returned transactions and returns
  • CDM-11642 Story - Enhance pde.deposit_fees to match on the last 8 characters of the batch_identifier when the deposit is type ACH
  • CDM-11359 Sub-task - Enhance PDE to process failures with an original payment reference number as a Return


  • CDM-10780 Bug - Getting an error message when trying to add a state with more than 2 digits
  • CDM-10798 Bug - Previously selected rate for Arizona still shows after saving another rate
  • CDM-10799 Bug - Default of 2% does not show if employee has had payroll ran in Arizona before
  • CDM-10852 Bug - Cannot save personal exemptions for Indiana after saving blank with message queue enabled
  • CDM-10865 Bug - Maryland locality code defaults to Delaware resident
  • CDM-10899 Bug - Test mode is enabled when saving new payroll credentials
  • CDM-11009 Bug - Employee deductions can incorrectly be considered invalid for payroll
  • CDM-11656 Bug - Iowa state tax calculation incorrect
  • CDM-10104 Story - Enhance Virginia withholding to calculation to accommodate age and blindness exemptions
  • CDM-10687 Story - Log the call to the activation server when attempting to open payroll
  • CDM-10701 Story - Enhance Virginia tax calculations to handle a married status standard deduction
  • CDM-10739 Story - Enhance Arizona state withholding options to future proof changing tax rates
  • CDM-10740 Story - Enhance Arizona state calculations to use a default rate of 2% is no rate has been set for the employee
  • CDM-10803 Story - Enhance ND tax calculation to accommodate for pre-2020 and post-2020 methods


  • CDM-10691 Story - Ability to hide names on Email and Phone fields


  • CDM-10673 Bug - Membership tab is missing from user preferences

Record Frame

  • CDM-10122 Bug - Drag and Drop and Double Click do not always work on the Merge Records Windows
  • CDM-10779 Bug - Line Item Detail Blacked Out on Ledger Entry Screen on Ventura


  • CDM-10437 Bug - Church Records button on Welcome to Regional window does not respond.


  • CDM-10811 Bug - Reorganizing does not create missing triggers in taxmanager

Report Frame

  • CDM-10644 Bug - Transaction Custom Listing removes identical rows when subtotalling

Search and Call

  • CDM-10877 Story - Update Circulation Notice
  • CDM-11534 Story - Remove extra letters from subject line

Search and Call Regional

  • CDM-10393 Bug - Regional notes for ministers in circulation are being deleted
  • CDM-10856 Bug - Field name not found error on Flagged Ministers Report


  • CDM-11585 Bug - Add mode on List Statistics gets the wrong next id

Stewardship Technology

  • CDM-10635 Bug - The sync transactions routine throws a syntax error when populating the historical transactions fails
  • CDM-10685 Bug - Deposit detail designation detail with contact info endpoint does not include address info for pending gifts
  • CDM-10793 Bug - Deleting Contribution records that are linked to a cleared transaction throws an error saying that the transaction is still processing
  • CDM-10936 Bug - Syncing historical recurring setups is using the start date when querying the SST endpoint, and should be using the created date
  • CDM-9932 Story - Verify account schedule with SST in the daily transaction sync
  • CDM-10375 Story - Add an AppKey parameter to Stewardship Calls
  • CDM-10425 Story - Expose a smart donor name on Transaction Custom Listing and Export
  • CDM-10606 Story - Add Recurring Gift Columns to Contributions Custom Listing and Export
  • CDM-10640 Story - Display test credentials despite UID if a database is already configured with test credentials
  • CDM-10759 Story - Print 1 result per Transaction in the Transaction Custom Listing and Export report

Suran Omnis Framework

  • CDM-10699 Bug - Sql queue fails for other user ids that are dev
  • CDM-10392 Story - Allow saving downloads from the embedded browser
  • CDM-11050 Story - Decrease the speed at which the SQL queue processes commands
  • CDM-11392 Story - Return error responses from http perl functions

Tax Forms

  • CDM-10777 Story - Do not deduct Federal withheld as a part of the Iowa state withholding calculation
  • CDM-10836 Story - Limit tax percent options on MD
  • CDM-10841 Story - Enhance setup and calculations to allow for adopted children allowance in Indiana

Treasurer Reports

  • CDM-11508 Bug - Search on Treasurer Report's ACH status generate SQL error
  • CDM-11638 Bug - Tempe error when switching ACH account types in CDM+
  • CDM-10605 Story - Bypass checking SST system status when processing COG reports if no credentials are present
  • CDM-11384 Story - Prevent hard deleting a fmClerkReport
  • CDM-11639 Story - Add a replace button for ACH accounts in CDM+

UCC Profiles Portal

  • CDM-10797 Bug - Can save duplicate skills and languages for minister snapshot
  • CDM-10730 Story - Add predecessor_id column to ucc.circulation
  • CDM-10814 Story - Add Replaced Status for Church Profile Circulation Records
  • CDM-10887 Story - Create database columns for small church profile
  • CDM-11305 Story - Add a table for local church profile links
  • CDM-11341 Story - Database functions to send expiring/expired local church profile emails
  • CDM-11353 Story - Create verification code column on ucc.circulation
  • CDM-11367 Story - Don't return predecessor church profile from ucc_ministry_positions view
  • CDM-11379 Story - Add columns for validation of a church profile
  • CDM-11386 Story - Add church_profile column to ucc.reference
  • CDM-11416 Story - Add new validation columns to the ucc_ministry_positions view
  • CDM-11418 Story - Update Pending Validation minister profile with new background checks


  • CDM-10556 Bug - Error updating from 12.0.8
  • CDM-10684 Bug - Error updating from CDM+ 12.0.8
  • CDM-10688 Bug - Suran Database Manager fails to toggle the SQL Queue
  • CDM-10790 Bug - Downloading program updates doesn't follow a redirect
  • CDM-10819 Bug - Updating a database can throw an error if the fee assist fund is inactive
  • CDM-10977 Bug - An error can occur updating a database with duplicate usernames
  • CDM-11320 Bug - Updating CDM+ at a non-standard location on macOS 13.4 fails
  • CDM-11513 Bug - Program doesn't update an alternate installation on macOS if there are parenthesis in the application name
  • CDM-10736 Story - Always use full installers to update on macOS 13 and later

User Customizations

  • CDM-10520 Story - Update Custom Accounts Receivables Invoice
  • CDM-10537 Story - Allow one additional connection for Diocese of Duluth clients
  • CDM-10975 Story - Update PCA views to return church code instead of ID
  • CDM-11417 Story - Improve pay.pca_deposit_designation_detail view to not miss records

User Fields

  • CDM-10109 Story - Ability to export user fields to an archive file


  • CDM-10884 Bug - Tax table utilities does not show for all Suran users