Released August 13, 2014

Installation Steps

Step 1: Check system requirements

Check the CDM+ System Requirements to ensure all computers that will run the version version meet system requirements. This is especially important when upgrading between major versions.

Step 2: Backup your data

Back up all databases that will be updated to the new version. If you subscribe to CDM+ SAAS or Data Hosting you can contact support to make a backup or simply rely on the nightly backup.

Step 3: Download the installer

Click the link above to download the installer for your platform.

Step 4: Install the new version

Follow the Installing CDM+ guide to install CDM+. This will remove previous versions of CDM+ from your computer. 

Step 5: Update your database(s)

Open CDM+ and update your database(s) to the current version. 

Issues resolved in CDM+ 9.2.11


  • [CDM-123] - Add an integrity check to ensure one default employee setup
  • [CDM-807] - Publish 2014-07-01 tax table changes for Ohio
  • [CDM-833] - Add e-mail field to section X Employment and Field(s) of Interest on Endorsement application
  • [CDM-897] - Improve the Stewardship Technology logging to include errors and timeouts


  • [CDM-14] - Need to add integrity check to taxtable to make sure faState_ID is populated for states
  • [CDM-76] - An error occurs working in TREM's Spiritual/Financial Reports window on the Income Tab
  • [CDM-95] - Printing inserts, updates, and deletes from the Update Minister Profiles window to a PDF clobbers the insert and update reports and only leaves the deleted ministers
  • [CDM-165] - Don't Page by Check option in System Preferences is not respected
  • [CDM-266] - Adding a code does not save properly to the Foreign Key field if you click 'Save' without tabbing out of the field
  • [CDM-306] - Restoring an archive database gives a message that there was an error restoring the database even though there wasn't
  • [CDM-307] - AR Invoices do not constantly use the same font between client computers
  • [CDM-387] - If an error occurs when saving changes on Ledger Entries, the program does not recover smoothly
  • [CDM-417] - Printing Individual Summaries by Gender produces a SQL error
  • [CDM-438] - Gifts entered through batch contributions can pick up the wrong deposit date
  • [CDM-452] - Search and Call Minister Letter isn't printing the selected letter
  • [CDM-453] - Church Directory, Church Labels, Church Exports and Church Custom Listings produces a SQL error
  • [CDM-458] - The Generate Canadian Receipts window does not display the giving search properly
  • [CDM-475] - Selecting an access setting does not apply its permissions to the user
  • [CDM-477] - Setting the last used check number on Accounting Setup to be alphanumeric generates an error
  • [CDM-512] - Add Validation to COG Award setup.
  • [CDM-602] - Switching between find fields of the same type in a simple find will use the criterion from the first find regardless of what you enter for the second find
  • [CDM-637] - CDM+ can drop the taxmanager and fail to import it, leading to SQL errors working in Payroll
  • [CDM-730] - An error occurs updating a DOC Regional database from 9.1r19 to 9.2.8
  • [CDM-751] - CDM+ will generate a SQL error trying to import minister's reports with certain characters
  • [CDM-753] - The Giving Unit Code on Contributions Statements Line has a negative symbol
  • [CDM-756] - Church Giving Units show a jump button to Address Records
  • [CDM-776] - After creating recurring invoices in Accounts Payable, clicking Yes to view the invoices will not show them if the Invoice window is already open
  • [CDM-779] - An error can occur printing the Church Award Summary report with no year selected
  • [CDM-793] - The FTP Sync on Windows generates errors trying to upload
  • [CDM-795] - Adding an Advanced search to giving detail can yield inaccurate results
  • [CDM-806] - Launching CDM+ is slow on Windows computers with a large number of processes
  • [CDM-808] - Check on the 941 checkbox in Ledger entries is not saved when manually entering a record.
  • [CDM-814] - When ministers initiate search and call that previously circulated with legacy forms, they are marked as in circulation pending updates
  • [CDM-816] - Sack labels do not fit on standard Business Card Stock
  • [CDM-817] - Saving church photo is not consistent with individual photo saving
  • [CDM-819] - The cursor returns to Deposit Date rather than Givers Code in Contributions Maintenance multi-add.
  • [CDM-822] - 2013 References are not getting cleared out of sac2013.reference when updating a 2013 profile
  • [CDM-823] - Column on feChaplainReference is not being shown right on the PDF
  • [CDM-824] - Master List and Master List Details are not showing Fees, Payments or Balances
  • [CDM-829] - Changing the asset in Write Payroll Checks does not correctly re-number checks
  • [CDM-830] - Address fields are disabled when adding subsequent employees during multi-add
  • [CDM-839] - Add an integrity check to ensure an individual's giving unit exists on their family
  • [CDM-853] - Voided tax payments posted from Accounts Payable do not reduce box 11 on the 941
  • [CDM-857] - DeployFirstRuninstall.exe isn't cleaning folders properly
  • [CDM-881] - Search Profiles does not find the correct profiles when including a salary range
  • [CDM-882] - The selected groups for attendance tracking does not reflecting custom group descriptions
  • [CDM-883] - When disabling both attendance apps the control to select groups for attendance tracking is still visible
  • [CDM-884] - The controls for the individuals app do not go away when the app is disabled
  • [CDM-885] - Trying to Add ACH information to a church generates an error
  • [CDM-890] - Minister fields are not present in Minister Letter format window
  • [CDM-891] - Advanced Find is not present on Minister Letter or Minister Flagged Letter report windows
  • [CDM-896] - When marking a payroll check as unpaid and electing to create voided check number entries, the check remains marked as paid