Released May 27, 2015

Installation Steps

Step 1: Check system requirements

Check the CDM+ System Requirements to ensure all computers that will run the version version meet system requirements. This is especially important when upgrading between major versions.

Step 2: Backup your data

Back up all databases that will be updated to the new version. If you subscribe to CDM+ SAAS or Data Hosting you can contact support to make a backup or simply rely on the nightly backup.

Step 3: Download the installer

Click the link above to download the installer for your platform.

Step 4: Install the new version

Follow the Installing CDM+ guide to install CDM+. This will remove previous versions of CDM+ from your computer. 

Step 5: Update your database(s)

Open CDM+ and update your database(s) to the current version. 

Issues resolved in CDM+ 9.2.15


  • [CDM-6] - Add a refresh (manual or automatic) to mobile provisioning to see when a device has activated a provision
  • [CDM-312] - Standardize on "Permission to Circulate" instead of "Permission to Release"
  • [CDM-614] - When emailing a mobile provision code and prompting for an email address because one ins't entered on the provision, save the email address to the provision
  • [CDM-811] - Create a TREM schema and tables to track their monthly report data
  • [CDM-1121] - Do not send a provision email unless the provision is enabled.
  • [CDM-1302] - Create a separate Church Position group for finding individuals
  • [CDM-1365] - Update calls in the database to use the sst schema
  • [CDM-1366] - Update calls in CDM+ to use the sst schema
  • [CDM-1371] - Update the 2013 Reference form with new standing options
  • [CDM-1407] - Migrate DOC tables to a modern table structure
  • [CDM-1408] - Build a function to determine if a minister is available for given regions from the DOC General database
  • [CDM-1412] - Migrate cascading deletes from doc.minister and its children to triggers
  • [CDM-1413] - Build a functions to sync minister profiles from DOC general
  • [CDM-1414] - Migrate existing minister profiles to new IDs
  • [CDM-1415] - Remove the Omnis code to update minister profiles
  • [CDM-1425] - Create functions to apply table renames to records that store table names
  • [CDM-1443] - Snapshot the DOC General database for profile syncs every Friday
  • [CDM-1468] - Automate the cleaning of DOC General Snapshot
  • [CDM-1479] - Enhance our reorganization to handle array data types
  • [CDM-1530] - Create a Log table to hold the sync logs for sac minister sync
  • [CDM-1532] - Create a migration to setup the pgagent job to run the syncs
  • [CDM-1533] - Build a function to run the sync and log the results
  • [CDM-1566] - Expand the export to High Ground Solutions for Mississippi Church of God State Office
  • [CDM-1572] - Add migration to set doc.minister.circulation to be valid
  • [CDM-1586] - Add integrity checks to sac2013 and doc
  • [CDM-1600] - Set DOC General Snapshot to run on schedule
  • [CDM-1606] - Jenkins job to copy DOC General from production to approval
  • [CDM-1631] - Snapshot DOC General production
  • [CDM-1640] - Validate fgmastercode id and description pairs throughout the program
  • [CDM-1657] - Remove the option on the circulation report for those leaving circulation in the Regional version
  • [CDM-1676] - Disable changing minister data in the Regional version
  • [CDM-1677] - Move Active and DateActive off doc.minister
  • [CDM-1687] - Don't constrain the Flagged Ministers Report by the activate status
  • [CDM-1706] - Re-sequence all IDs in the DOC General snapshot seed database
  • [CDM-1730] - Getting an Omnis error printing the Congregational Request Form
  • [CDM-1743] - Add a generic Notes tab for DOC General
  • [CDM-1749] - You should be able to find all ministers where Ignored is false, even if they are missing a regional data record

Bugs Fixed

  • [CDM-55] - The confirmation messages that appears when sending emails from the Overview tab are poor
  • [CDM-57] - The messages on the Update Minister Profiles window need cleaning up
  • [CDM-487] - Visitation reports do not respect terms in the header
  • [CDM-655] - Search for In Honor Of is not working in Memorial Gift Designee window.
  • [CDM-935] - Single-pane record frame windows can cut off the top of the pane
  • [CDM-944] - The buttons on the Minister Photo tab to add, delete, make primary, or save do nothing when clicked
  • [CDM-948] - Reorganizing a database will fail to remove indexes that are not in the search path
  • [CDM-1083] - Activity Totals on registration window are not getting updated when adding a registration and activity at the same time
  • [CDM-1173] - The mobile provision setup says check-out only runs on devices with a camera, which isn't true
  • [CDM-1176] - Database function getting information for Women's Report leadership is not limiting to current position
  • [CDM-1178] - The Auto Display feature for actions on the Access Logs isn't working
  • [CDM-1180] - Not all record types display a description in actions on Access Logs
  • [CDM-1203] - Chaplaincy Reference form has the word 'Describe' misspelled on the PDF form
  • [CDM-1205] - Individual Export is putting the field data of the preceding field into the Position field.
  • [CDM-1213] - When a disclosure is marked historical, the ReceivedDisclosure flag on the minister record isn't cleared if there are no more active disclosures
  • [CDM-1241] - Selecting all positions on the Church Position Export does not include those with a blank position
  • [CDM-1243] - The Church Positions function-based field does not display proper data when there are multiple churches
  • [CDM-1249] - Pastoral Records comment box is truncating to 3999 characters
  • [CDM-1252] - Remove the prompt to open voting
  • [CDM-1254] - Re-opening a voting session deletes the winners
  • [CDM-1255] - The Reset Session button should not be available on a closed session
  • [CDM-1257] - The Select Visitation Types button on the visitation reports standard search needs term support
  • [CDM-1264] - The CSI and ESI records for WI UCT-101 don't agree and cause differences on Mac Aatrix and Windows Aatrix
  • [CDM-1272] - The Sort options on Visitation Reports need Terms support
  • [CDM-1282] - Toolbar titles need terms support
  • [CDM-1286] - Church address field is not populating on Custom Receipt report for user 1876
  • [CDM-1309] - The report title on the Contributions Worksheet does not support terms
  • [CDM-1310] - The Contributions Detail report does not use terms support in the sub-title
  • [CDM-1333] - Format tab on Address Directory needs terms support for Individual Name Options
  • [CDM-1368] - The screen report on the profile tab does not expand to use the entire tab
  • [CDM-1373] - You can press the delete button in mobile administration when nothing is selected.
  • [CDM-1390] - Orphaned individual records are returning nulls for mgetindv()
  • [CDM-1396] - Checkboxes on the 2014 Disclosure form on the Minister Master File are not disabled
  • [CDM-1424] - User receives an SQL error when posting Women's Reports
  • [CDM-1441] - California state payroll tax calculations need to consider low income exemptions
  • [CDM-1491] - Enhance the Arkansas tax calculation to apply the bracket adjustment amount
  • [CDM-1536] - Alabama tax withholding calculates too high in 9.2.14
  • [CDM-1544] - Alabama payroll calculation has an error causing the calculations to be off by a small amount if you are doing weekly but larger if you are doing yearly payroll
  • [CDM-1588] - When updating a database to 9.2.15, the last user login and database isn't recalled
  • [CDM-1593] - The View Profile link on the Minister Master File does not bring up the Minister Profile
  • [CDM-1594] - La Crosse's customized Individual Directory isn't displaying the church correctly
  • [CDM-1598] - User receives SQL error when logging into CDM+ or DB Payroll
  • [CDM-1599] - An error occurs restoring a backup because the databaseguid is now a uuid type
  • [CDM-1602] - No Events or Payment Types are in the selected boxes on Detail Contributions Report
  • [CDM-1605] - Event is missing from the Master Coding System
  • [CDM-1613] - The checkbox 'Include Historical' is cut off on the Individual Yearbook Directory setup window
  • [CDM-1614] - User receives a SQL error when performing a Church Position search on Family Status report
  • [CDM-1617] - User receives an SQL error when performing standard search on Individual Summaries report
  • [CDM-1618] - Officer Directory is giving a SQL error
  • [CDM-1619] - User receives SQL Error when attempting to print UID 8270 Individual Master Listing Report
  • [CDM-1632] - Changes do not save to Other Phone Numbers/Email Addresses on the Minister Master File window
  • [CDM-1646] - Headers are not matching length of the screen in Detail Contributions
  • [CDM-1658] - The Minister Listing report is missing advanced find fields
  • [CDM-1659] - Refreshing the advanced find for the Minister Master Info report generate an error
  • [CDM-1665] - Marking ministers to be Flagged/Sent a SQL error is generated
  • [CDM-1680] - Viewing a minister from the Congregations in Process window generates a SQL error
  • [CDM-1691] - Other Information in Master Coding System only has "Address" in the Type drop-down menu
  • [CDM-1699] - Related record finds are missing for the Minister Master File
  • [CDM-1704] - Deposit Processing can take too long to open and generate a timeout error
  • [CDM-1705] - Activity Name Badge is not printing the Church Name field
  • [CDM-1718] - Church field is covering the lower right region of the Address Record window
  • [CDM-1750] - The new data import utility does not handle modern table names
  • [CDM-1764] - Finding against the Is Church field on Giving Units produces an error