Name badges for registrants can be printed in a variety of sizes. You also have the ability to format the badges as you desire, including adding a graphic. Various name badge formats can be saved and reused.

You can print name badges for all participants in an event (Registration Name Badges), or you may choose to print just those who register for a particular Activity (Activity Name Badges). To get started, choose either Registration Name Badges or Activity Name Badges from the Welcome to Event Registration window:

You can also print Name Badges for your event from the Reports menu. Go to Reports > Event Registration Reports > Labels > and choose either Registration Name Badges or Activity Name Badges.

The illustration below is for all registrants, so the Registration Name Badges report is selected.

Click Add on the Name Badges report window.

Give the label a description and choose a label format.

Many standard formats are available in CDM+ and correspond to labels/name badges widely available from office supply retailers.

 Click the Edit button on the Add Name Badge window if you wish to further customize the selected format. Click OK when finished.

Click the Edit button on the Registration Name Badges window. The Edit Name Badge window will open.

On this window, you define the content and appearance of the name badges for your event.

To add the participant's name to the name badge, click Item Settings, then click Fields and choose the database field to include. In this example, we chose Badge Name.  

Drag and drop the field you've selected onto the canvas (or, white area) of the name badge template. You'll now see a text box outlined with dotted lines around the edges and handles (small squares ) on all four sides and in the corners. Click on the box and drag it to reposition it on your badge. Click on a top or bottom handle to change just the height. Click on a side handle to change just the width. Click and drag on a corner handle to make the entire box larger or smaller. Click on the General tab to format the appearance of this information. You can style the appearance of this element by changing the font, alignment, color, etc.

To add text (such as the "2017 Lay Ministry Training" text box on the example above), select the Drawing tab on the Items Settings menu, click on the box next to the word Text, then click back onto your canvas and draw a text box. Click inside the text box and type the words you wish to include. Then, double-click on the text box to style the appearance of the words you've typed (color, size, font, etc.). 

From the Drawing tab, you can also add a line, rectangle or circle (ellipse). The Drawing Tab is also useful for adding a graphic element, such as your logo, to the name badge. From the Drawing tab, click Graphic Browser and choose the image you wish to add. If you have not added the image to CDM+, you can choose Add in the Graphic Browser and upload the image to CDM+ from your computer. This function is the same in Name Badges as it is in Notices (click here to read more here about adding images to CDM+ graphic browser).

When you are finished designing your name badge, click Save on the Edit Name Badge window. To see a preview of your name badges, click the Refresh icon in the upper right corner. Return to the Report/Edit menu to make adjustments.

Back on the Name Badges report setup window, use the Standard and/or Advanced Search to choose the Individuals to print on the name badges.