You will see in the Name pane of the Individual Records window the basic information you entered for this individual through the Address Records window: Last Name, First Name, Family Status, Address Information and Phone Number.

Click on the Change button at the bottom of the window. Now you may add information for this individual. Press Tab to move through the fields.

If no Individual Record exists for the person for whom you are wanting to enter information, click on the Add button at the bottom left of the Individual Records window. The Last Name will default to the last name of the person selected in the Find section. If this is not correct, just type over the highlighted name. Press Tab to move through the fields, typing the appropriate information.

Individual Information

In the Preferred Name field, you may type the name this person likes to be called, i.e., Bob. Leave this field blank if the individual uses his/her First Name as already entered. The Use Preferred Name checkbox will default to checked if you have entered a name in the Preferred field.

Checking the Do Not Print checkbox allows you to either omit this individual or flag them as being marked “Do Not Print” on some reports.

Address Information

The Address Information section of the Name pane shows the address and phone number for the family (Address Record) to which this individual is linked.

Check the Override box if this Individual should still be connected to the Address Record but individual letters, envelopes, and labels should use a different address. For example, a student away at college may receive individual mailings at their campus address, but mailings to the household or family unit would still use address information from the Address Record.

Select Address

Click the Select Address button in the Address Information section to select a new or different Address Record for this individual. A Select Address window will open. Enter the search criteria and click Find in the search bar to locate the desired address. If the search bar is not visible, click Find in the sidebar.

Double-click on a line or highlight the address on the Select Address window and click OK.

If the address for this individual is not listed, click on the Add button in the sidebar of the Select Address window. An Address Records window will open in add mode. Enter the information and press Return/Enter or click Save.


Clicking on the MapQuest button  gives a quick link to the MapQuest® web site providing a map showing the location of this address or driving directions to this address from a specified location. This feature requires a live Internet connection or modem set to connect to the Internet when needed. MapQuest settings are specified under Preferences.