We're migrating our DonorWorks clients to CDM+. Read more about the transition on our DonorWorks and CDM+ FAQ, then contact our sales team to get the process started.

We've released DonorWorks 11.1.3 with some important fixes to DonorWorks. We recommend all clients update to DonorWorks 11.1.3 at their convenience.

DonorWorks 11.1.3 adds initial support for macOS 11 Big Sur. You may encounter redraw issues at times if running DonorWorks under Big Sur. If you feel a window isn't showing the correct sidebar options or has other visual issues, please use the new Redraw menu to force the top window or all windows to redraw. A future update will resolve this redraw issue and remove the need to manually trigger a redraw.

Please note additional updates to DonorWorks 11.1 are planned to ship final features and additional fixes.