We've released a minor update to Engage and to our backend API. This update includes internal changes to support upcoming features and two user-facing enhancements.

Use custom logo throughout Engage

If you've set up a custom logo for your Engage site, that logo will display throughout the app in the top left corner. Without a custom logo, the traditional section-specific logos will appear.

Add reCAPTCHA support for pages accepting payments

In an effort to reduce abuse and improve security, payments are now verified with Google's reCAPTCHA service. This affects:

  • Gifts
  • Registration payments
  • Billing payments

Most users won't be affected by this change, but users exhibiting suspicious behavior may need to submit additional responses to verify they are, in fact, submitting a legitimate payment.

An update to WMT is in the works to add reCAPTCHA to the Single Event Registration tool and the COG Women's Reports tool.

Release notes

You can find full release notes here.