We've released an update to Engage with several new features. You can find detailed changes over on the 2020-08-11 Release Notes page.

Watch our August 2020 Product Updates Webinar for a tour of many of these features.

Slides (Keynote)

Slides (PowerPoint)

Be sure to also check out our updates to CDM+ 11.1 Beta 3

Expiring Credit/Debit Cards

When a credit or debit card used for a recurring gift is going to expire, Engage will now send a notification to the giver. The email notification includes a link to update the card with a new number. This notice is sent on the 1st and 15th of the card's expiration month.

We've also added a page to Engage where administrators can view upcoming card expirations.

You can click the payer's name to email them using your default email application.

Control who has access to this feature by giving them the administrator role

Recurring Gift Notification

Recurring gift notifications now include a button to modify the gift.


Emails from Engage will now use your organization's custom logo, if one is set.

Within Engage, the custom logo will be displayed in the top left corner.

Scheduled Gifts

Scheduled gifts now show the end date, if one is set.

Search Transactions

Payment administration in WMT continues to be available, but we've begun moving this feature into Engage. Under Admin → Search Transaction there is a new version of the search interface available in WMT Payment Administration. This version adds several features:

  • Payer name appears in the search results
  • A description of the payment (gift, billing, registration) appears in the search results
  • Responsive view on mobile devices

This feature is still under development and will receive additional polish and enhancements in the near future.

Control who has access to this feature by giving them the administrator role.

Engage Setup

The setup for Engage itself is available under Administration.

Any features available in the Engage tab of WMT are available here. An upcoming update will add the Engage Giving settings.

Control who has access to this feature by giving them the administrator role.

Speed Enhancements

Work on the backend has resulted in noticeable speed enhancements throughout Engage. In particular, loading groups is now several orders of magnitude faster, especially for organizations with a large number of groups in their master coding system.

Automatic Logout

Engage will now automatically log out after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Giving History

Giving History details now show the note and/or the memorial gift, not just the memorial gift.

Multi-fund Text Gifts

You can now include multiple funds and amounts in a single text gift. You can specify either the amount or the command for the fund first.