We've released an update to Engage with a number of new features.

  1. Fee Assist
  2. Giving setup within Engage
  3. Self-enrollment in Text Giving
  4. Deposit information and CDM+ record information on payment details
  5. Automatic access to features based on program serialization
  6. Default description for a one-time charge

Fee Assist

Fee assist enables your donors to cover processing fees on their gifts so your organization receives 100% of the intended donation.

Watch our Fee Assist Webinar for a tour this highly-requested feature.

Slides (Keynote)

Slides (PowerPoint)



  1. Create a giving fund for Fee Assist in CDM+
  2. Ensure you have an individual in CDM+ with the Administrator role
  3. Log into Engage
  4. Go to Admin → Settings → Giving Setup
  5. Enable Allow givers to offset fees 
  6. Choose your fund
  7. Save

Using Fee Assist

Fee assist is available for:

  • One-time gifts
  • Scheduled gifts
  • Recurring gifts
  • Guest gifts

Fee assist is not yet available for Text gifts, though that feature is coming soon.

When making a gift, donors simply check I would like to increase my donation to offset processing fees and the gift will be increased to cover transaction processing fees.

Giving Setup

You can now configure giving setup and giving sets within Engage. This feature is available when logging in as an individual with the Administrator role. Choose Admin from the Engage navigation menu to access Engage Settings.

Text Giving Setup

Text giving is part of Engage Complete. If you haven't yet setup a phone number for text giving, you can now easily find and choose your text giving number.

  1. Log into Engage as an Administrator
  2. Go to Admin Settings Text Giving
  3. Check Enable Text Giving
  4. Enter an area code and search
  5. Click Select on the number you want to use
  6. Finish configuring Text Giving

Expanded Payment Details

After searching for transactions from Engage Administration, click Details on a transaction to view more information about that transaction. This update adds deposit and CDM+ record information to help you locate that transaction in CDM+.

Feature Access

Billing, giving, and registration are now available in Engage based on your CDM+ serial number. Previously it was necessary for Suran's sales and customer service team to enable access to this features on an account-by-account basis.

One Time Charge Description

If no description is provided for a one time charge, a default description of One Time Charge will be set to help identify the source of this transaction in Deposit Processing.