We've released an update to Engage adding a number of enhancements, detailed below. You can also view the full 2020-12-15 Release Notes.

Engage Billing


You can now view Accounts Receivable invoices in Engage. Navigate to Billing and choose Invoices from the navigation menu.

You will see a list of invoices.

Click Details to view information on a given invoice.


From the menu, choose Payments to view Accounts Receivable Payments.

Click Details to view a payment's details.


From a payment's details you can print a receipt.


Administrations can now configure Engage Billing from the Admin Settings area.

Giving Payment Methods

You can now assign independent payment method for gifts given by credit/debit card and by ACH. Navigate to Admin Settings Giving to adjust payment methods. This change will affect future gifts, including recurring gifts already scheduled.

Giving Sets

You can now re-order giving sets. Navigate to Admin Settings Giving Sets and drag and drop sets to adjust the order.

Pay Stubs

The printable pay stub now includes the employee ID.

WMT Administration

If you've updated to CDM+ 11.1 you can mark an individual with the Administrator role to grant access to Administrative functions in Engage:

  • Search Transactions (Payment Administration)
  • View Expiring Cards
  • Create One-Time Charge
  • Engage Setup
  • Engage Giving Setup
  • Engage BIling Setup

When accessing these corresponding items in WMT you will be redirected their counterpart in Engage. If you do not yet have the Administrator role in CDM+, you will see an Access denied message.

Add the Administrator role to your individual using Individual Records in CDM+ and reload Engage to access Administrative functions.

It is recommended to access administrative functions directly in Engage going forward as they will be eventually removed from Web Ministry Tools.

Feature Access

We've adjusted additional existing features to automatically set access based on your CDM+ serial number and Engage plan. This reduces the need to contact Suran to enable these items:

  • COG Women's Tool
  • Calendar Tool
  • Congregational Profile Tool
  • Single Event Registration tool

  • Features in People based on Membership

  • Payment options on registration tools