We've released an update to Engage. While this update primarily contains fixes and internal changes to prepare for upcoming development, there are several new features. As always, see the Release Notes for full details.

Prompt to enable Fee Assist from Text Giving

Fee Assist is a great way to help cover the costs of electronic processing. When you enable Fee Assist, the first time a giver makes a gift in Engage, they will be prompted to enable Fee Assist for all future gifts.

Now, if the first gift a giver makes once Fee Assist is enabled is a text gift, the giver will be prompted to enable Fee Assist.

If the giver choose to enable Fee Assist:

  • Any scheduled gifts will be updated to use Fee Assist
  • All future Engage and Text gifts will use fee assist

If the giver chooses to not enable Fee Assist, no future gifts will use fee assist.

This preference can be changed by logging into Engage and accessing the Giving Profile.

CDM+ Record details in Search Transactions

When searching transactions as an administrator, the CDM+ Record section will now provide a better identifier to help you locate the record in CDM+. For example, a gift will display the Contribution Reference Number.

You can search for this contribution reference number in Contribution Records in CDM+ to locate the gift for this transaction.