We've released an update to Engage and Web Ministry Tools featuring new navigation, a polished interface, enhancements to online registration, and more! Be sure to check out the full Release Notes to see all changes.

Navigation Menu

We've overhauled the Engage navigation menu to make it easier to access all the features in Engage with fewer clicks. This menu works great for both mobile devices and computers and will be intuitive for everyone.

Interface Polish


We've updated the Settings page to be cleaner and easier to understand.

Page Titles

Throughout Engage we've standardized the page titles to appear in the navigation bar, when space allows. On mobile devices, or if your organization name is longer, the page title will drop to a new line. This is a small change, but provides a cleaner and more consistent interface.

Online Registration

Time Zones

If you update to CDM+ 11.2.0 Beta 1 or later, dates and times for registrations will appear in the user's local timezone. This affects both the registration tool itself and registering/viewing registrations in Engage.

For example, the following registration was entered using Eastern time.

When viewed by a member in Central time, the times will adjust accordingly.

Member Lookup Deprecated

This update deprecates the option to lookup an individual record in Membership directly through a Single Event Registration Tool. This features presents a security risk if both:

  1. Lookups are enabled
  2. Registration is public

New tools will no longer have the option to link to Membership. Existing tools will retain this option, but if the option is set to hide this lookup and the tool is saved, the option will no longer be available.

Recommend Use Engage

Registrations created through Engage will link to the logged-in individual. This is the preferred method to replace the previous feature. An upcoming enhancement to Engage will allow registering multiple individuals from a household to link registrations for families, children, etc.

Eventually, the lookup feature will be removed entirely from existing online registrations. It is recommend you begin promoting registration through Engage as a preferred means of registration for your members.