We've released an update to Engage with several new features. Be sure to review the release notes for a full list of changes.

Below are some highlights from this release.

Individual Name

Individuals can now edit their name from their profile page.

To edit your name:

  1. Log into Engage, or choose Profile from the Navigation menu if already logged in
  2. Click Edit next to your name and photo
  3. Update the name as desired
  4. Click Update

If you've configured Engage to notify staff of changes to member information, you'll receive a notification whenever a name is changed.

The available titles in Engage come from the Master Coding System list for Titles in CDM+.

We've also added an individual's full name to their profile page to make it easy to see what's already in the database.

Masked Credit Card Numbers

Previously, credit and debit card numbers would only mask middle digits and expose first 6 digits, which are the BIN (bank identification name), and the last 4 digits. While this is technically complaint per the PCI-DSS specification, exposing the BIN caused understandable concern from some givers and offered no clear advantages.

We've changed Engage (including email notifications) to only show the last four digits of a card number.

URL Short Codes

URLs in emails and text messages will now use short codes. This increases security, and for text messages especially, reduces the length of the message.

This feature will be available after updating to CDM+ 12.0 Beta 1 or later, once that release is available.