We've released an update to Engage with several new features. Be sure to check out the full release notes for details.

One Time Charge Enhancements

Create Designations

We've added designations to One Time Charges in Engage. Designation allow you to set the following values for a one-time charge:

  • Description
  • Income Account
  • Fee Account

Create designations for specific purposes—bake sales, t-shirts, meals—to make Deposit Processing smooth and predictable.

One Time Charge Designations are administered in Engage under Settings → One Time Charge

Click New Designation to add a designation.

Provide the following details:

  • Description to identify the designation; will be used for the charge description in Deposit Processing if no memo is entered
  • URL to provide a public link to the payment form (see below)
  • Income Account specifies the income account the deposit will post against
  • Fee Account specifies the fee account used for transaction fees for the payment

Using Designations

If you are logged into Engage as an administrator, the One Time Charge form will let you choose between designations.

You can also share a link directly to a One Time Charge designation to send to a non-administrator. Copy the URL or download a QR code from the screen to edit a designation.

The designation cannot be changed when accessed directly. You do not need to be logged into Engage to access this form directly. This is a great option to share a form with volunteers to take payments at bake sales, meals, etc.

Card Swiping

One Time Charges now support card swiping using a USB card swiper.

This is not secure card swiping designed to be run with a mobile device or kiosk. The swiper simply enters card data in lieu of manually typing it in. Card swiping has the same security and functionality and typing in card information using the keyboard.

Any card swiper that offers keyboard emulation should work. The following devices have been tested and processed swipes correctly:

To prepare for card swiping:

  1. Open a One Time Charge form
  2. Ensure Credit Card is selected
  3. Ensure Card Swiping is set to ON

To swipe a card for payment:

  1. Enter the amount
  2. Press Tab
  3. Swipe the card
  4. Enter the CVV code from the card
  5. If the cardholder's address is in the US:
    1. Tab to Zip Code
    2. Enter the Zip code
    3. Press Tab
  6. If the cardholder's address is not in the US:
    1. Tab to Country 
    2. Change the Country to the correct country
    3. Enter the postal code
    4. Enter the city
    5. Enter the state/province/region
  7. Submit

Single Event Registration Tool Confirmation

The confirmation page for Single Event Registration Tools has been updated for clarity:

  • The page title is now Review and Confirm
  • The button to finish registering is now Finish Registering
  • The electronic signature box (if enabled) is now always labelled By checking this box, you are providing your electronic signature
  • The confirmation text (if entered) is now better-positioned