We've released an update to Engage that adds a Public Groups features and includes other fixes and enhancements.

Public Groups

Groups in Engage have traditionally only been available to members of those groups. This ensures you can only view other people with whom you share an existing connection.

However, you may want to share the contact information for some groups, like leadership or staff, with everyone in the database. This is where Public Groups comes in. Any groups marked as Public can be viewed by all members of the database whether they are a part of that group or not.

For both public and private groups, you can only view the public profile of group members. This includes:

  • Name
  • Photo
  • Their family members':
    • Name
    • Photo
    • Family Status
  • Address
  • Phone numbers that are not unlisted
  • Email addresses that are not unlisted

Age, birthdate, and gender are not shared with any other Engage user.

Public groups are enabled under Settings → Groups by an administrator

When viewing groups, groups where you are a member will be labelled as MEMBER.

Public groups must be explicitly added. Remember, anyone can create an account in your Engage portal and view public groups, so be sure the individuals in your public groups would be comfortable with sharing their public profile on your public website. 

Other Fixes and Enhancements

See the 2022-04-21 Release Notes for a full list of changes.