Over the past few months we've been updating Engage to allow customizing the giving experience to better fit your organization's branding, mission, and giver experience.

Here are some of these new features in CDM+ Engage, and be sure to check out the full release notes.

Email Notifications

You can now customize the sender name and reply-to address for email notifications set from CDM+ Engage. This helps givers and members recognize that notifications are connected to your organization. When they reply to an email, the reply will go directly to your staff to get the best help.

Configured these options under Engage Settings → Organization.

Here is an example of how a customized notification will appear.

New Gift Page

CDM+ Engage lets you create giving sets for purpose-driven given. By default, all sets appear when a visitor clicks to make a new gift.

Some sets may be highly specific or used for private fund raising. For those cases, we've added the ability to un-publish sets from the New Gift page.

Control this setting under Engage Settings → Giving Sets. You'll see which sets are published.

A set is published by default. To un-publish as set, click it and change the Publish to New Gift Page setting.

The New Gift page will exclude published sets.

If all sets are un-published, the New Gift page will direct givers to contact your organization to obtain a giving link.

One-Time Giving

If you have a fundraiser or other cause that should not accept recurring gifts, you can toggle this on a giving set's options.

Recurring options will be disabled on the giving form. You can still schedule a one-time gift in the future.

Embedding Engage

You can now embed Engage within your website to provide an integrated experience. Any part of Engage can be embedded, and you'll find handy Embed HTML buttons for the various links:

  • Main Login
  • Giving
  • Giving Set
  • One-Time ChargePayment Designation

Here is an example link with the Embed HTML button.

Click Embed HTML to copy an HTML script tag to your clipboard. You can paste this script in your website and Engage will appear embedded. The generated frame will auto-size to fit Engage.

If you want to embed the site yourself, you can use a standard HTML <iframe>  tag with any Engage URL.

Branding Giving Sets

Giving sets now let you customize the following items:

  • Banner Image
  • Header Text
  • Footer Text
  • Background Color
  • Background Image

These options are a great way to add a meaningful message, compelling image, and personalized note to the giving process.

Find these options under Engage Settings → Giving Sets → Your Giving Set.

Here is an example of a branded giving page.

When clicking a banner, the visitor will be redirected to the site you enter under Engage Settings → Organization → Website URL.

Embedding Giving Sets

When embedded a giving set URL directly, the standard Engage banner will be hidden and replaced with links to login and access Engage. This will provide a smoother integration for online giving into your website.

On embedded giving sets the background on the set will not appear. Instead the background of the parent page will appear.