Engage Giving offers two different ways for a member or visitor to give – with or  without logging in.

Guest Giving (giving without logging in)

Clicking the green Create a Gift button will open the “New Gift” entry screen.

Upon arriving at the "New Gift" entry screen, the member or guest will...

  • See a list of giving funds (selected by church staff at the time of setting up Engage Giving). 
  • The member or visitor can select one, several or all giving funds available in Engage Giving.
  • Enter the desired amount for each giving fund selected. 
  • Set the frequency of the gift. The default is once. Only those that have an account and log into their account can set a recurring frequency.
  • Set the date of their gift. This defaults to the current date, but the giver can choose to schedule the gift for a later date.
  • Click the green “Continue as Guest” button.

On the next screen, the giver will have the option to either give anonymously or provide their contact information.

This screen offers the guest the option of making this an anonymous gift or they may enter the giver identification information. 

There are important differences behind the scenes between “Giving as a Guest” or giving anonymously. Both Guest Gifts and Anonymous Gifts use the “Process Pending Gifts” function in CDM+ Contributions. 

  • With an anonymous gift, the Billing name/address is NOT passed into CDM+ and the “Process Pending Gifts” process shows these as coming from an “Anonymous Giver”.
  • With a gift that is not anonymous, the entered giver name and address are passed into CDM+.

In either case, the Process Pending Gifts function will require you to link the gift to a Giving Unit in CDM+ Contributions. You may:

  • select an existing Giving Unit
  • create a new Giving Unit
  • or use a catch-all for Non-member or Visitor Giving

The next screen offers the funding source – credit/debit card or bank ACH – whichever options the church has opted to provide. The billing information “Same as Giver” checkbox defaults to checked. If the giver unchecks the "Same as Giver" default selection, entry boxes will appear to allow the giver to enter a different  billing name and/or billing address. When the giver has made their selections, they will click or tap Continue to move to the confirmation screen which summarizes their selections on previous screens.

On the confirmation screen, the giver will see a summary of the information entered including payments information. On this screen, the giver is also presented an option to enter a notation about this gift in the "Gift Memo" entry window. When the giver is satisfied with the details of the gift and any notation they may wish to include, they will click or tap "Submit Gift."

A final confirmation screen appears.

The giver will click OK to proceed with the gift.  At this point, while the gift is being processed, three dots appear and move, indicating the process is working. 

Once the gift has completed processing, the SUCCESS! Window appears. 

Clicking OK displays a gift summary window, again providing the details of the gift and offering a “Print Receipt” button at the bottom.