The member will navigate to the church's Engage URL and enter the username and password they created when setting up their Engage Account. Note that the member can also create an account if he/she doesn’t have one already, or they may request a password reset.

Enter username and password, and click “SIGN IN”. The New Gift entry screen appears.

Giving funds selected by the church staff at the time of setting up Engage Giving are presented.

The member can elect one, several or all categories to donate to.

  • Enter the desired amounts to the selected giving funds.
  • Set the frequency of the gift.  The default is once but may be set to several common frequencies.  Open the dropdown to select a different frequency.
  • Set the date of the gift.  This defaults to tomorrow’s date.
  • Click the green “Continue” button.

The next screen allows the member to select the funding source. All stored funding sources are available to select with the last used one defaulted.  New funding sources may be added by selecting “Create new account.”  The funding source details are displayed.  

Click continue.

The member is now presented with a confirmation screen containing the information entered – payment information and the details of the gift.  A gift memo box is offered to make any special notation for this gift. 

Click “Submit Gift”.

A final confirmation screen appears, click OK or cancel. At this point, the gift is being processed.  While it processes, three dots appear and move, indicating the process is working. 

Once the gift has completed processing, the SUCCESS! Window appears. 

Clicking OK displays a gift summary window, again providing the details of the gift and offering a “Print Receipt” button at the bottom.

Regardless of which giving method is used, two emails are sent.  One, a standard receipt, is emailed to the donor at the email address used or linked to the account. 

The second email is sent to a staff email address advising that an online gift has been received or a recurring gift has been established.