Cancel recurring gifts

Prior to canceling Engage Giving, it is strongly recommended you locate all givers with active gifts and cancel their gifts. This will ensure there are no unexpected transactions.

See Finding who has active recurring giving to locate these givers, then Administer Member Giving for how to cancel gifts on a giver's behalf.

You may also want to wait a week or so to ensure final deposits have settled properly into your bank account.

Stopping fees

There are several fees and services that must be stopped:

  • Engage Giving
  • Text Giving
  • Stewardship Technology's merchant account

Contact CDM+ customer service to inform them of your intent to cancel these services. You will be given a cancellation form to complete and return before services and their fees will be canceled.

If you cancel text giving and later re-enroll, it is likely you will be given a new phone number for receiving texts.