Data Relationships

Address Records

To merge information, it may help to understand how various pieces of information in CDM+ relate to one another. Individual records cannot be orphaned. That is, an individual record cannot exist on its own; it must be connected to an address record. So you should determine whether you also have duplicate address records.

Giving Unit Records

Giving units also cannot be orphaned; they must be connected to address records (although Regional users can also connect giving units to church records). Individual records created by Engage will also be related to giving unit records. This can be seen in the Attached Individuals section of the Giving Unit Record and on the Giving Units tab of the Address Record.

Contributions that are attached to giving units will need to be transferred.


From the duplicate records, identify the record to be retained. For this example, we will refer to this as the "old record." We will refer to the duplicate as the "new record."

Transfer Engage Username

On the new individual record, you will see a user name in the Online Credentials section of the Individual Record window. Use the Transfer button to transfer this Engage login to the old individual record.

Move Any New Contact Information

Examine the Phones and Emails tabs of both the new and old individual records. If the new record contains contact information that the old does not, update the old records Phones and Emails tabs with the new information.

There is not currently an automated way to copy email addresses and phone numbers from one individual or address to an individual in a different household. Any new contact numbers must be added to the old record manually.

Transfer Contributions

With the new individual record selected, look in the sidebar of the record window. If Giving Unit appears in the GO section, then the new individual record is connected to a giving unit. This giving unit will be the new giving unit record created by Engage. Click on Giving Unit in the sidebar to jump to the new giving unit record.

On the new giving unit record, if Contribution is available in the GO section of the sidebar, the giving unit has made contributions. Click Contribution in the sidebar to open Contributions Maintenance, displaying all contributions for this giving unit.

Use the instructions in Transferring Contribution Records to transfer these contributions to the old giving unit.

Delete the New Address

Once the contributions have been transferred, return to the new giving unit record and click Address in the sidebar to jump to the new address record. Click Delete in the sidebar of the address record to delete the new address, individual, and giving unit records.