Before you can accept gifts through Engage Giving, you will need to complete several steps.

Purchase Engage Giving

Engage and Engage Giving are additional services purchased from Suran Systems. To use Engage Giving, you need:

Contact our sales team at or 877-891-4236 to order Engage Giving and any pre-requisites you may need.

Engage Giving also provide other features in Engage your members can use, such updating their personal information and connecting with small group members. Check out this webinar for a walkthrough on everything Engage provides, and this webinar for a deep dive into using Engage for members and small groups.

Create a Merchant Account with Stewardship Technology

Engage Giving manages credit card, debit card, and ACH (checking/saving account) transactions through our payment processing partner, Stewardship Technology. A merchant account with Stewardship Technology is required before Engage can accept any payments.

Applying for a merchant account

Once Engage is ordered, you will need to complete the Merchant Account Application and attach supporting documents.

Review the application for instructions on how to submit it to Suran Systems, Inc.

Receiving a merchant account

Once your application is processed, Suran staff will connect your Engage Giving account and CDM+ database to your merchant account. You will receive a notice your merchant account has been created. If there is a problem creating your account, Suran staff will contact you to address the problem and re-submit your application.

Changing the settlement account

When submitting the initial merchant account information, you will specify the bank account where funds will be deposited (settled). If you later need to change this bank account, you can do so using the Settlement Account Change Form.

Changing accepted payment methods

Your merchant application will specify if you want to accept payment by bank account, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover. If you want to change which of these payment methods you accept after submitting your merchant account please email with your requested change. Indicate:

  • Your name
  • Your church/organization's name
  • Your church/organization's city and state
  • Which payment methods you want to add or remove

Customer service will reply once these changes are made. There is no charge to add or remove payment methods.

Cost and Fees

Receiving donations through Engage Giving involves these fees:

FeeCostCoversRequiredPaid To
Engage Complete


Engage and your merchant accountYesSuran Systems, Inc.

SAAS license: Included

Traditional license: Varies based on products and user licenses owned

Storing your CDM+ data in the cloudYesSuran Systems, Inc.
Credit Card Processing Fees

$0.30 + 2.9% Visa/MasterCard/Discover

$0.30 + 3.5% AmericanExpress

Credit card feesYes

Stewardship Technology

Suran Systems, Inc.

Automatically deducted from the donation

ACH/eCheck/Bank Transfer Processing Fees$0.30 + 0.8%Payment processing feesYes
Fees for Refunds

Same as fees on original gift

Transferring funds back to the giverYes

What about support?

SAAS users are always enrolled in support, but traditional users may elect to not enroll in support. Support is not technically required to use Engage Giving, but is highly recommended. Suran Systems, Inc. may periodically require Engage Giving users update to a new version of CDM+ for security and compatibility. Users on support are entitled to every upgrade at no extra cost. If you do not enroll in support, you may be required to purchase an upgrade continue using Engage. This is a rare, but possible occurrence.

Being enrolled in support also allow unlimited call and emails to our support team for help.