Who is this for?

Your church or organization is currently using either the Single Giving Tool, the Giver’s Portal or both.

If you are currently using Engage only, congratulations! There is nothing you need to do.


We are phasing out the Web Ministry Tool (WMT) Giving solutions. These tools were our initial online giving offerings and served our clients well over the past decade. However, these tools were built before the spread of mobile devices and were not optimized for those environments. So we developed a modern and responsive giving product which offers users a much better experience. We call it Engage. It was built with mobile in mind. Its modern and attractive look (see screenshots below) is responsive to any size screen providing givers an excellent experience regardless of the device (smartphone, tablet or desktop web browser).

We developed this guide to help you make the transition from WMT Giving tools to Engage Giving.

Why are we making this transition?

  • To provide the best online giving experience to our users.
  • To allow us to build future enhancements on a modern framework.
  • To provide organizations with a more complete web-based experience that integrates online giving, text giving, small group contact, directories and registration.

What are the advantages to churches and organizations?

  • Easier and faster giving experience for your people.
  • No additional financial commitment required.
  • No change in the processing of contributions and deposits. 
  • Easy creation of multiple giving sets so you can deploy multiple giving opportunities without having to create a totally new tool.
  • One link provides access to make a single gift or schedule a gift.
  • Can access giver's online setup through CDM+.
  • Ability to add Engage Text Giving.
  • Ability to use QR Codes.

What are the advantages to givers?

  • They have a simple online giving experience that is streamlined to reduce the time necessary to create a gift.
  • They use their WMT username and password to access Engage.
  • They have access to their WMT Recurring Gifts (Scheduled Gifts) and Payment Methods.
  • They can update Scheduled Gifts
  • They can update Payment Methods.
  • They can access recent online gifts.
  • They can access all of their Giving History including online, check or cash gifts.

What does your staff need to do?

Moving to Engage Giving, the church must setup and deployment Engage to get started.

Setup your Engage URL

The first step is to set up a personalized Engage URL for your church or organization.

 Show me how...
  1. Log into WMT
  2. Click Engage
  3. Enter your URL
  4. Click Save

Read more about setting up your Engage URL

Setup Engage Giving

Next, setup Engage giving to provide a personal thank you message and configure notifications to staff.

 Show me how...
  1. Compose a memo to be included on givers email.
  2.  Select a Payment Type
  3. Add Staff Email Addresses
  4. Save work

Learn more about setting up Engage Giving.

Setup Giving Sets

OPTIONAL Engage allows you to offer different sets of giving funds with their own unique links.

 Show me how...
  1. Click Add Giving Set
  2. Enter a name for the new set
  3. Click Create Giving Set
  4. Select the Giving Funds you want in the set and enter a description the giver will see in Engage.
  5. Click Save Giving Funds

Learn more about using Giving Sets.

Go live!

  1. Publish new Engage URL(s)
  2. Remove the Single Giving Tool and/or the Giver's Portal links from your website
  3. Promote the advantages and features of Engage

What do your Givers need to do?

You may have givers who have established Givers Portal accounts and made gifts using the Single Giving Tool and/or the Giver’s Portal. They do what they used to do except in Engage.

  1. Use the new link to Engage
  2. Login using their existing Giver’s Portal username and password.
  3. Do any of the following:
    1. Make a new single gift
    2. Create a new Recurring Gift or edit an existing one.
    3. Create a new Payment Method or edit an existing one.
    4. View their entire Giving History
    5. View Recent Online Gifts
    6. Update their Giving Profile

Watch the webinar

We hosted a webinar on June 24, 2020 walking you through this process. Links to the slides used during the webinar are below.