Log into WMT

Engage is configured in Web Ministry Tools (WMT). Point your browser to https://wmt.suran.com and log in with the credentials you received with your order.

For help logging into WMT, click here.

Once logged in, use the navigation buttons at the top to access various functions that configure your account.

Configure Engage

Edit Church Profile

Click Edit Church Profile on the navigation bar to customize your organization's name, phone number, and email address. This information will be provided to givers when they cannot reset their username and/or password to log into Engage.

Click here for more help editing the church profile.


Click Engage on the navigation bar to setup your basic Engage information. Click here for help setting up Engage.

Engage Giving

Engage Giving requires additional setup. You may also want to pre-screen your CDM+ database to ensure contact numbers, giving unit links and other data is ready for Engage Giving.

Setting up Engage Giving and preparing your database are covered here.

You can also setup Engage Giving Sets to present givers with a curated list of funds.

Text Giving

If you've enrolled in Text Giving, you can setup text giving commands. Click here for help setting up Text Giving.

Configure CDM+ users

CDM+ provides tools to manage the username and password for members to log into Engage. You can set usernames, transfer credentials between individuals, and clear usernames to prevent access to Engage.

You can also access a member's online Engage account through Giving Unit Records. This feature allows authorized staff to make, edit, and cancel online gifts on the giver's behalf using the same features found in Engage.

Engage Credentials

Enable access to manage Engage Credentials under the Administration window in CDM+.

This provides access to the Online credentials options on Individuals Records.

Administer Member Giving

First, link the CDM+ user account to a record for that individual in the CDM+ database. This allows CDM+ to access Engage as that individual, then act on behalf of a giving unit. If need be, add an individual for the CDM+ user.

Find the user in Administration, then click Select Individual.

Choose an individual, then you'll be able to enable access to administer member giving.

With this permission enabled, viewing a giving unit linked to one or more individuals with a username will expose the Online Giving tab in Giving Unit Records.

From here, you are interacting with Engage just as if you were logged in as the selected giving unit.

Configure Giving Funds

Before contributions can be posted to your ledger using Deposit Processing, each giving fund needs an income account and fee account identified. You are welcome to share income and fee accounts between giving fund. This allows for fine-grained tracking of gift designations in Contributions while rolling up contributions to related giving fund into a single income account. It is also quite common to use a single fee account for all giving fund, but you can vary this account as needed for more detailed reporting.

Click here for how to configure giving fund.