The Payroll feature in Engage gives employees browser-based web access to view Pay History in CDM+ Payroll. 

The organization will create the Engage URL (see also Using Engage) and share the link with employees.

In the organization's CDM+ database, the employee's payroll record must be linked to the his/her individual record (see instructions for Linking An Employee to An Individual Record). 

Each employee will create their own password-protected account to log into Engage (see also Creating An Account). If the individual has already created an account at the organization's Engage URL, the same login will be used for all Engage features (member access, payroll history, and Engage Giving). Once logged in, the employee will choose Payroll.

Detail by Date Paid in Engage Payroll

The first screen in Engage Payroll is a listing of recent Paid Dates with the Gross and Net pay amounts and the payroll check number or Direct Deposit transaction ID number.

Click or tap the Paid Date to see the details for that pay period.

On the Payroll Details screen, click or tap Pay Items, Withholdings, or Deductions to see further details by category for the pay period selected.

Year-to-Date Summary in Engage Payroll

Clicking or tapping the four-digit year will bring up year-to-date summaries for the current or previous year. Clicking or tapping the tabs for Pay Items, Withholdings, and Deductions reveals additional year-to-date amounts for the year selected.

Linking an Employee to an Individual Record

In order to access Payroll History in Engage, your employees will need to create a login at the church's Engage URL. (see Using Engage for more about setting up the organization's Engage URL and Creating An Account for instructions the employee will follow to create their Engage login credentials).

One further step that must be completed in order to give the employee access to the pay history in Engage is to link the Employee Record in CDM+ Payroll to the person's Individual Record in CDM+ Membership. 

In CDM+ Payroll, select the employee you wish to link and choose the Employee Info tab.

Click Change and check the box next to Link to Address Record, then click on Select Address.

This will bring up a search window from which you can Find the employee's address record in your Membership database.

Click OK. Now in the lower-left portion of the Employee Info tab, you will see the option to choose the Individual from a drop-down menu.

Select the individual from the drop-down menu and click Save.

This employee's record in Payroll is now linked to his/her Individual Record in Membership. The employee can now use his/her Engage login to access Payroll history from the web browser on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Repeat this process for each employee.