DateApr 26, 2021
51 issues

Important highlights from this release

  1. Text Giving will now offer to enable Fee Assist if the first gift made after enabling Fee Assist is a text gift
  2. Transaction details in Search Transactions now have more complete CDM+ Record information
  3. Support for 2021 software plans
  4. Church Positions now display active positions only (for regional users) 

All updates for this release


  • FER-157 Story - Support additional commands for removing a number
  • FER-165 Story - Add a log message with message id and content before sending a request to Bandwidth


  • ENG-1161 Bug - Some information is not displaying correctly on the billing payment receipt
  • ENG-1176 Bug - Payment receipt shows a broken image when there is no logo selected
  • ENG-1154 Story - Make online billing aware of statement dates and prevent making payments on dates that have statements generated


  • API-766 Bug - Error is thrown when trying to save an SVG file as the organization logo
  • ENG-1158 Story - Remove query params from organization logo source to allow proper caching
  • ENG-1178 Story - Use ferret based on environment to get logo info
  • ENG-1185 Story - Handle logo file types that are not 3 or 4 characters

Data Access

  • WMT-1475 Story - Set timezone with database connections

Data Hosting

  • FER-167 Story - Use local hosting client table


  • WMT-1495 Story - Update uses of fgsystem.engage_plan to reference the result from engage.has_engage_access


  • ENG-1146 Bug - Gift date does not reset after submitting a one-time future gift
  • ENG-1155 Bug - Changing Logo in Admin does not update the logo on the giver's email
  • ENG-1170 Bug - Payment Type is not matching on the review page
  • FER-166 Story - Enhance Ferret methods to allow for fee assist prompt
  • API-758 Story - Include source on giver and staff emails
  • API-761 Story - Update PUT /engage_setting/giving_sets/:id endpoint to coordinate with ENG-1124
  • API-762 Story - Return if text giving is enabled
  • API-763 Story - When viewing gift details, display fee assist breakdown last
  • API-767 Story - Offer to enable fee assist for text gifts
  • ENG-1137 Story - Factor out a component for displaying gift details
  • ENG-1143 Story - Only change fee assist preference options once givers phone number is verified
  • ENG-1144 Story - Hide phone number for text giving section if the database doesn't have text giving


  • ENG-1149 Bug - The shortcut for Engage on iOS devices is giving an error

Payment Administration

  • ENG-1157 Bug - Yes, refund it button is not disabled after it is clicked
  • ENG-1165 Bug - Console error occurs after refunding a transaction
  • ENG-1113 Story - Make CDM+ Record information on a transaction detail show overall information
  • ENG-1133 Story - Change Account Information to Payment Method
  • ENG-1134 Story - Update the receipt from Transaction Details

Payment System

  • API-759 Bug - Going to the details page of a transaction without giving detail gives error
  • API-760 Bug - One Time Charge does not handle descriptions with single quotes
  • ENG-1160 Bug - Submitting a second one time charge gives an error
  • WMT-1485 Bug - Country and State drop downs do not load for cdmdata_development
  • ENG-1095 Story - Use payment-page component for one time charge


  • API-765 Story - Limit church positions to active positions


  • ENG-921 Story - Display a helpful message when no results for "My Registrations"


  • ENG-1001 Story - Prevent using unsubscribe commands
  • ENG-1124 Story - Eliminate code in admin/settings/route aftermodel that initializes fund data

Single Event Registration Tool

  • WMT-1471 Bug - Add the same list of genders on Event Registration page in SERT
  • WMT-1476 Bug - Registration emails won't send if grade and birthdate are not included
  • WMT-1481 Bug - Previous Step Button On The Confirmation Page Does Not Go Back
  • WMT-1484 Bug - The SERT Attendee page is showing stray characters above the Grade text and these characters are in the received email.
  • WMT-1486 Bug - Clicking Previous Page from the activity page to attendee page depopulates the gender and birthday drop downs
  • WMT-1493 Bug - Event Registration - Minimum Due payment is ignored
  • WMT-1509 Bug - Activities page in Event Registration is not displaying right
  • WMT-1479 Story - Rename the Unknown gender option to Prefer not to specify

Suran Administration

  • WMT-1502 Story - Do not disable provision when user is saved without the Engage toolkit


  • API-768 Story - Remove references to fgsystem.engage_plan

Tech Stack

  • API-774 Bug - A clean install of suran-api throws an error about mimemagic

Text Giving

  • ENG-1181 Story - Prevent using YES or NO as commands for text giving funds