DateNov 01, 2021
18 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • Bug Fixes
  • UCC Profile Portal Features

All updates for this release


  • ENG-1377 Story - Coordinate top background on Safari when viewing Engage


  • API-874 Bug - Giving History shows duplicates for gifts that included fee assist


  • ENG-1418 Bug - "Invalid Email" error does not disappear after entering a valid email in Forgot Password process

UCC Profiles Portal

  • API-853 Story - Send email when profile is approved for circulation
  • API-875 Story - Check for "Snapshot Database User" status based on positions and return those positions
  • API-877 Story - Update type map for ucc.minister_snapshot_info
  • API-879 Story - Update ucc.geographic_availability to foreign key to individual instead of snapshot
  • ENG-1258 Story - Enable basic searching on search snapshot page
  • ENG-1401 Story - Update minister profile section on home page
  • ENG-1402 Story - Hide pagination toggle if number of items is less than one page length
  • ENG-1404 Story - Add View Profile button in results on the search snapshots page
  • ENG-1414 Story - Expand available years on Ecclesiastical Authorization for Ministry to go back to 1940
  • ENG-1415 Story - Ecclesiastical Authorization for Ministry Changes
  • ENG-1419 Story - Eliminate "Snapshot Database User" role
  • ENG-1420 Story - Ability to filter snapshots based on matching conference(s)
  • ENG-1421 Story - Ability to filter snapshots based on current/validated profiles
  • ENG-1434 Story - Use new endpoint to fetch geographic availability
  • ENG-1443 Story - Change Date of Attendance to Start Date and End Date on vocational history