DateNov 30, 2021
36 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • User can update their birthdate
  • Bug Fixes
  • UCC Profile Portal Features

All updates for this release

COG Women's Tool

  • WMT-1551 Bug - When entering emails on Women's Report Tool, the emails do not enter as expected.


  • ENG-1466 Story - Adjust SweetAlert text to be darker and bolder so it is easier to read


  • ENG-1435 Bug - Logging into the user portal hangs


  • API-887 Story - Endpoint to save birthdate
  • API-893 Story - Allow login for people only view
  • ENG-1391 Story - Add birthdate input to Profile page
  • ENG-1416 Story - Add a People-only view for CDM+ Individual Records

Single Event Registration Tool

  • WMT-1545 Bug - Long activity names cause the Selection and Notes section width to be very small

UCC Profiles Portal

  • ENG-1460 Bug - Regional Education Program/Experience input is cleared when selecting a state
  • ENG-1465 Bug - Available start date displays as "Invalid Date" in Safari
  • API-858 Story - Endpoint to save minister profile information
  • API-859 Story - Save and Load Gender info for Optional Demographics page
  • API-860 Story - Endpoint to download profile pdf
  • API-886 Story - Use sacstatus from ucc.minister_data instead of fmindividual
  • API-888 Story - Save validator_id on circulation record
  • API-889 Story - Save designated_term for geographic availability in the database
  • API-891 Story - Endpoint to get minister individual ID based off person ID
  • API-892 Story - Endpoint to set viewed status on supplemental, interim, and closing profile pages
  • ENG-1282 Story - Calculate if steps of snapshot are complete
  • ENG-1384 Story - URL to access a profile if one exists
  • ENG-1395 Story - Save and Load Gender info for Optional Demographics page
  • ENG-1407 Story - Use endpoints to save minister profile information
  • ENG-1417 Story - Shorten the field width for the snapshot available start date
  • ENG-1430 Story - Remove background check status from snapshot view
  • ENG-1431 Story - Ability to download full profile when viewing profile details
  • ENG-1433 Story - Add Ecclesiastical Ministry save checks
  • ENG-1442 Story - Add inputs for second and third key accomplishments
  • ENG-1445 Story - Update snapshot to hide elements on PDF using hidden-on-snap-pdf class
  • ENG-1449 Story - Ability to sort Search Snapshots table by date columns
  • ENG-1451 Story - Add new column with "View Snapshot" button to search snapshots table
  • ENG-1456 Story - Automatically select the conference filter when restricting to current & validated profiles in the search snapshot table
  • ENG-1459 Story - Text changes for ministry essays
  • ENG-1463 Story - Add dedicated term option to geographic availability
  • ENG-1464 Story - Show all profiles to an administrator
  • ENG-1470 Story - Hide the Data Hub section
  • ENG-1486 Story - Update color of card on home page for snapshot when it is completed