DateApr 4, 2022
25 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • One Time Charge enhancements
    • Designations to preset description and chart of accounts
    • Public links to allow non-admins to submit payment
    • Card swiping support (keyboard input mode)
  • Single Event Registration Tool Confirmation
    • Clarify confirmation with page title and navigation buttons
    • Improved text for confirmation box
  • UCC Profile work for Local Church Profiles and bug fixes
  • Other fixes and improvements

All updates for this release


  • FER-197 Story - Disable campaign registration for new bandwidth numbers


  • API-965 Bug - The listing of Surcharge Accounts under Billing Setup should be listed chronologically by account number


  • API-963 Story - Endpoint to return church picture

Error Handling

  • FER-193 Story - Handle invalid provision errors better


  • FER-198 Bug - Swapping between using the demo database on iOS and Android doesn't work

Payment Administration

  • ENG-951 Story - Payment designations

Payment System

  • API-952 Story - Create controller for payment designations
  • API-953 Story - Update endpoint for one time charge to payment designation if selected
  • API-957 Story - Add public endpoint for fetching payment designation by slug
  • ENG-1624 Story - Ability make one-time charges to a payment designation without logging in
  • ENG-1625 Story - Load city and state from zip code when entering a one-time charge
  • ENG-1626 Story - Ability to load information into a one-time payment form from card swipe track data


  • ENG-1613 Story - Validate emails entered into staff emails for staff notification

Single Event Registration Tool

  • WMT-1531 Story - Handle SERT confirmation signature when no text is present
  • WMT-1560 Story - Change the page titles of Single Event Registration Tool
  • WMT-1563 Story - Hide Review and Confirm page text unless checkbox for showing it is checked

UCC Profiles Portal

  • ENG-1570 Bug - Adding multiple blank web presence inputs can cause an error when previous records already existed
  • API-959 Story - Endpoint to be able to submit a church position for validation
  • API-961 Story - Restrict adding ministry positions to church records that have Congregation checked
  • API-966 Story - Update circulation record status instead of ministry position
  • ENG-1609 Story - Ability to manage committee members for a ministry position
  • ENG-1611 Story - Allow search committee members to submit a ministry position for validation
  • ENG-1634 Story - Add 'Back to Ministry Positions' button to ministry position display
  • ENG-1664 Story - Use circulation.status instead of ucc.ministry_position.status for ministry positions


  • API-956 Story - Update last logged in date for individual when logging in