DateAugust 10, 2022
35 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • Enhancements to giving sets:
    • Set background color
    • Add header/footer text
    • Ability to disable recurring giving
  • Ability to set the organization website (supports an upcoming enhancement to add banner images)
  • Email notification
    • Ability to set the sender's name and reply-to address on notifications 
    • Transaction failure notices for giving now indicate if the gift was recurring
    • Password reset emails no longer go to CDM+ support
    • Refined all notifications for consistent layout
  • Internal upgrades, fixes, and minor enhancements

All updates for this release


  • ENG-159 Story - Ability to customize giving sets
  • API-1162 Story - Build endpoint for Organization Website


  • ENG-1819 Bug - [DEV] Cleanup SCSS warnings on compile

Data Access

  • API-1053 Story - Pass along the client IP and user agent for audit logging

Database Management

  • API-782 Story - Ability to restore a backup file to a new database
  • API-1048 Story - Add an endpoint to get the number of connections for a hosted database
  • API-1056 Story - Download hosted backups with the API
  • API-1077 Story - Allow Ferret to request database information from API
  • API-1089 Story - Create an endpoint to get the size on disk for a hosted database


  • API-1170 Story - Update configuration credentials to include API key base


  • API-1172 Bug - Cannot open Edit Gift page
  • ENG-1827 Bug - 'Back' and 'Select Different Fund(s)' buttons not working when creating or editing Scheduled Gifts/Giving Sets
  • API-1157 Story - Build endpoint for 'enable_recurring'
  • ENG-1735 Story - Toggle for Recurring Giving (enable_recurring)


  • API-1171 Bug - Creating a new account for a database without the 'username' column on engage.user throws an error
  • API-1165 Story - Change the password reset email to come from noreply or the organization


  • API-1062 Story - Create a utility to build email address blocks
  • API-1063 Story - Make all emails use one parent layout
  • API-1066 Story - Enhance transaction failed notifications to say if they are a recurring gift that the gift was cancelled
  • API-1143 Story - Save sender name and reply-to email in engage_settings_endpoint
  • API-1144 Story - Use sender name and reply to on fgmobileprovision in all emails if populated
  • API-1166 Story - Emails sent from Engage should use the organization name as the sender's name


  • FER-203 Story - Update ferret to load database information from the API on a given host

Session Management

  • API-939 Story - Allow authenticating from CDM+ using a CDM+ User


  • ENG-1644 Story - Allow organizations to set the sender and/or reply-to email address for notifications
  • ENG-1761 Story - Input to add an 'Organization Website'
  • ENG-1815 Story - Show default values in reply-to and sendername fields when the user hasn't populated them
  • ENG-1816 Story - Move Publish setting to the bottom


  • API-1145 Story - Use short codes for urls for SNAP pdfs

Tech Stack

  • API-511 Story - Upgrade to Rails 7
  • API-976 Story - Upgrade to Ruby 3.1

UCC Profiles Portal

  • API-1026 Bug - Unable to download draft profile when there is no background check
  • API-1169 Bug - Having additional_details blank causes an error
  • API-981 Story - Include first name, preferred name, and Person ID in all UCC emails
  • ENG-1692 Story - Group church positions with reference requests instead of under search and call