DateApril 5, 2023
6 issues

Important highlights from this release

  • Speed improvements to Search Transactions
  • Back-end support for notifications from Tempe/Paragon
  • Bug fixes

All updates for this release


  • API-1407 Bug - Transactions on Tempe do not include the fee for billing payments


  • ENG-2191 Bug - Clicking to create an account following a guest gift does not proceed when connected to Tempe


  • API-1389 Story - Add support for failed/refunded Tempe transaction notifications

Payment Methods

  • ENG-2192 Bug - Cannot create payment method after enabling contributions connected to Tempe

Payment System

  • API-1399 Story - Refactor search transactions
  • API-1405 Story - Make sure that ids sent to tempe are id used for pay.account_holder and pay.account
  • ENG-2179 Story - Refactor search transactions
  • ENG-2189 Story - Pass in reserved id when creating pay.account_holder record so id matches what tempe has