CDM+ Mobile 2.3 is now available for iOS. The release of version 2.3 is expected in the very near future.

System Requirements

CDM+ Mobile now requires CDM+ 11.0.x or higher.

Speed Improvements

  • The app loading time has decreased
  • The login loading time has decreased
  • The time for loading data throughout the app has decreased, especially in the individuals sub app


The new Receipts sub app allows you to record purchesses from the app. You can enter all necessary data in the app, including a picture of the receipt itself. The information gets saved to accounts payable, and can be automatically marked for payment.

To use the Receipts sub app, you must have CDM+ version 11.1.x or higher. See Mobile Receipts for additional documentation.

Bug Fixes

  • The app would crash while searching Individuals
  • Some parts of the app did not fully conform to dark mode
  • Emails sent from the app were not formatted correctly
  • In the Attendance sub app, the list of groups was sometimes blank. This happened if you opened the Individuals sub app first before opening Attendance
  • There were crashes and errors when you created a reminder for a visitation
  • The family table in the Check-In sub app was badly formatted
  • The map for an individual's address did not refresh correctly
  • When you tap a family member not in the current group, nothing would happen
  • In check in, after you confirm a person is checked in, if you wait 10 seconds the app would crash
  • Font sizes throughout the app did not respond well to changing the accessibility settings