DateApril 19, 2022
12 issues
iOS Build Numbern/a
Android Build Number1135

Important highlights from this release

  • Internal updates
  • Fixes for logging in and provisioning

All updates for this release


  • MOBILE-1141 Story - Update Android Maps SDK


  • MOBILE-1027 Story - Add Android testing
  • MOBILE-1132 Story - Document development process


  • MOBILE-1063 Bug - Error when trying to access deleted provision
  • MOBILE-1087 Sub-task - update embedded urls in Android
  • MOBILE-1173 Bug - Changing the plan for a user while on the login screen for Android will not re-check the system for mobile access


  • MOBILE-1169 Bug - Swapping between using the demo database on iOS and Android doesn't work
  • MOBILE-1170 Sub-task - Swapping between iOS and Android for demo database doesn't work (Android)