Suran Systems, Inc. is proud to provide CDM+ for Church of God (Cleveland, TN) state offices. This page outlines CDM+ pricing for COG state offices effective September 2021.


Pricing is based on a state's rank and our standard CDM+ Plans.


Monthly Cost

Comparable CDM+ Plan
6 Star$155.00Choice
5 Star$150.00Choice
4 Star




A$105.00Grow 2*
Mission (B, C, D, E)$75.00Grow 1*

* Unlike CDM+ Plans, there are no record limits for ranks based on the Grow plans. We simply provide lower rates for smaller states.


COG plans includes 4 CDM+ programs:

  • Membership & Attendance
  • Contributions
  • Event Registration
  • Regional

State offices can add the following additional programs at the standard rate of $25/month/program:

  • Accounting & Payroll
  • Roommate
  • Check-In/Check-Out
  • Sales Orders


Each plan includes 1 user license. Additional concurrent user licenses are available at the standard rate of $5/month/license.


Every plan includes the following features:

  • Engage with online directories, online giving, text, giving, and more
  • CDM+ Mobile with access to churches, pastors, and more
  • A merchant account for online giving/payments and payroll direct deposit
  • Unlimited phone and email technical support
  • Secure, off-site data hosting
  • All program upgrades

COG Regional Features

CDM+ includes COG-specific features, such as:

  • Treasurer Report Tracking
  • Minister Report Tracking
  • Women's Report Tracking
  • Girls Club Report Tracking
  • Awards
  • Treasurer Report ACH Payments
  • Online Women's Reporting
  • COG-Specific Directories

All states have access to these features.

States in the A, AA, AAA, 4 Star, 5 Star, and 6 Star ranks pay an extra fee to cover development and support for these features.

This fee begins with $5/month for rank A and increases by $5/month for each additional rank.


COG Monthly Support Fee

6 Star$30.00
5 Star$25.00
4 Star




Mission (B, C, D, E)$0.00

These fees are built in to the pricing table above. They are listed separately for reference only. 

COG Complete

The CDM+ Complete plan provides unlimited product access for $175/month. This includes all programs and unlimited user licenses.

For COG state offices, there is a comparable plan called COG Complete. Pricing is $175/month plus the COG Monthly Support Fee listed above.


Monthly Cost

Comparable CDM+ Plan
6 Star$205.00Complete
5 Star$200.00Complete
4 Star$195.00Complete
Mission (B, C, D, E)$175.00Complete

Payment Frequency

Plans can be auto-paid monthly or renewed on an annual basis.

Required Enrollment

Enrollment in a plan is required to access support, hosting, upgrades, Engage, or CDM+ Mobile.

Non-Domestic Offices

Offices located outside the US, such as those in Canada, receive a discount of $20/month since CDM+ does not support online giving/payments for non-US-based organizations and does not provide Canadian payroll withholdings and reporting.