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Suran ACH Withdrawal Authorization Form

Authorize Suran Systems, Inc. to auto-draw funds from your bank account via ACH.

Direct Link: Suran ACH Withdrawal Authorization Form

Merchant Account

CDM+ Merchant Application

Applies for a merchant account to accept donations/payments through Engage.

Direct Link: CDM+ Merchant Application

Payroll Appendix

Applies for a payroll merchant account to initiate payroll direct deposit.

Direct Link: Payroll Appendix

Fee Schedule

Fee schedule for merchant accounts. For reference or to move to flat-rate fees.

Direct Link: Fee Schedule

Change Settlement Account

Changes the bank account where online donations/payments are deposited.

Direct Link: Change Settlement Account


Cancel SAAS

Cancel a SAAS subscription.

Direct Link: CDM+ SAAS Cancellation Form

Cancel Engage

Cancel an Engage subscription and any merchant accounts.

Direct Link: Engage Cancellation Form

Cancel Hosting

Cancel Data Hosting.

Direct Link: CDM+ Data Hosting Cancellation Form