We've updated Stewardship Clients to CDM+ Desktop This release contains several changes:



CDM+ Essentials 

We've updated CDM+ Essentials to show just the Program and Reports menu items that are available in this plan. We've also added a new Welcome to CDM+ window to mirror these options.

Breakdown Transaction Fees and Net Amounts

We've added two new columns to the Donation Custom Listing and Export report:

  • Online Transaction Fees (breakdown line)

  • Online New Amount (breakdown line)

These fields show the fees and net (breakdown gift amount minus fees) for each breakdown line on a Donation.

Donation Deposit Date

The Deposit Date on Donation records for online giving will now be populated when funds settle into the merchant's bank account.

CDM+ Software Roadmap

We've added a CDM+ Software Roadmap page to the Stewardship Migration space on the Suran Help Center to help track the status of ongoing development for the Stewardship migration to CDM+.

Please check this page for known issues in CDM+.

Release Notes

Activation and Serialization

  • CDM-10398 Story - Add CE to has_engage_access


  • CDM-10343 Bug - Date Range on Detail Contribution Report does not print
  • CDM-10357 Story - Populate contribution deposit date when populating the transaction settlement date
  • CDM-10383 Story - Add breakdown-specific online transaction fee and net columns

Database API

  • CDM-10280 Story - Create a universal table to store API tokens


  • CDM-9834 Story - Remove the individual record for CDM+ users
  • CDM-10435 Story - Add user permissions for Engage


  • CDM-10407 Bug - When attempting to delete an Individual with online credentials, the user is prompted with the warning for emails instead of the warning for the individual

Memorial Gifts

  • CDM-10276 Story - Add term support to Memorial Gifts

Stewardship Technology

  • CDM-10391 Bug - Online Transaction Fees don't calculate correctly for SST converted databases
  • CDM-10354 Story - Store additional transaction data in CDM+