We've updated Stewardship Clients to CDM+ Desktop This release contains several changes:



CDM+ Engage Functions in CDM+ Desktop

Administrative functions in CDM+ Engage can now be access from CDM+ Desktop:

  • Settings
  • Search Transactions

Essentials Features

More features have been adjusted to the final Essentials product, including removing the Advanced Search and extra window tabs and fields.

Transaction Custom Listing

The completed Transaction Custom Listing report is now available.

Statues and Response Codes on Donation Custom Listing

The Donation Custom Listing can now include the state and response code of the transaction for a gift. 

Release Notes

Activation and Serialization

  • CDM-10400 Story - Always update access when reactivating


  • CDM-10424 Bug - Concurrent restores can throw an error


  • CDM-10501 Bug - Prevent having startdate after endingdate for fcrecurringsetup
  • CDM-10340 Story - Set the Default name of the Giving Unit Records tab 'Email' to 'Email Statement'
  • CDM-10509 Story - Include Online Transaction Status and Response Code on Contributions Custom Listing

Database API

  • CDM-10490 Story - Function to generate an API Authentication token


  • CDM-9011 Story - Engage Menu
  • CDM-10483 Story - Function to validate token authentication for Engage access


  • CDM-10459 Bug - Unlock button appears for an individual who does not have a profile that can be unlocked
  • CDM-10484 Bug - Cannot merge two individual records


  • CDM-10474 Bug - String search appears on Program menu item for Engage

Stewardship Technology

  • CDM-7371 Story - Transaction Custom Listing and Export
  • CDM-10356 Story - Populate Stewardship transaction status for historical records
  • CDM-10523 Story - Improve transaction reconciliation speed

Suran Omnis Framework

  • CDM-10284 Bug - SQL Queue can disable itself before records are committed

Suran Server

  • CDM-7521 Story - Move the data dump to a external tool