We've updated Stewardship Clients to CDM+ Desktop This release contains several changes:



This is a bug fix release, notably to fix a performance issue querying Donation records.

Release Notes

Audit Logs

  • CDM-10507 Bug - Error occurs fetching audit log data in DOC Regional when the minister has changed search and call access


  • CDM-10541 Story - Add columns for updated annual chaplaincy form


  • CDM-10558 Bug - Contributions Custom Listing and Export runs slow and produces no results

Event Registration

  • CDM-10512 Bug - Opening Activity Custom Listing throws SQL error in database without Event Records
  • CDM-10549 Bug - The label for window results, when printing from Registration Entry, is missing the source window title


  • CDM-10403 Bug - Deposit processing excessively slow to open when not reconciling deposits