Making Donations in Engage

CDM+ Engage allows you to make a gift as a Guest or a registered donor (member). The two articles below will explain the process for each method.

Making a donation as a Guest

 Click here to read about making a donation as a guest

  1. Instead of logging in, click Create A Gift

  2. The New Gift screen will appear. Enter the appropriate information.

  3. The New Gift screen will appear. Enter the gift in the desired fund. You do not have to enter 0.00 for the funds you aren't giving to.

    As a Guest, you cannot change the frequency of the gift, or the default date, without logging in or creating an account. If you change either of these options, you must log in or create an account.

  4. Click Continue as Guest
  5. On the next screen, provide contact information or give annonymously


     Important Note on Anonymous Giving for CDM+ Users

    There are important differences behind the scenes between giving as a guest or giving anonymously. Both Guest Gifts and Anonymous Gifts use the Process Pending Gifts function in CDM+ Contributions. 

    • With a gift that is not anonymous, the entered giver name and address are passed into CDM+.
    • With an anonymous gift, the Billing name/address is NOT passed into CDM+ and the “Process Pending Gifts” process shows these as coming from an “Anonymous Giver”.

    In either case, the Process Pending Gifts function will require you to link the gift to a Giving Unit in CDM+ Contributions. You may:

    • select an existing Giving Unit
    • create a new Giving Unit
    • or use a catch-all for Non-member or Visitor Giving
  6. Click Continue
  7. The Payment Method screen will appear. The billing information defaults to the Same as Giver checkbox. If the giver unchecks this, entry boxes will appear to allow the giver to enter a different billing name and/or billing address. If the gift was anonymous, Same As Giver is not an option.

  8. Click Continue
  9. The Confirmation window will appear with a summary of the information entered. Click Submit Gift
  10. A final confirmation popup will appear. Click OK. The gift will begin processing and three dots will appear over the OK button, indicating the process is working.

  11. Once the gift has completed processing, the popup window will change. Click OK

  12. The Gift Summary window will display, providing the details of the gift and offering a Print Receipt option.

Making a donation as an Engage member

 Click here to read about making a donation as a member

  1. Enter the username and password you created when setting up your Engage Account.
  2. Click SIGN IN

  3. The New Gift entry screen appears. Select the appropriate giving option.

  4. Enter amounts in the desired Giving Funds
  5. Set the frequency of the gift.  The default is once but may be set to several common frequencies.  Open the dropdown to select a different frequency.
  6. Set the date of the gift.  This defaults to tomorrow’s date.
  7. Click Continue

  8. Enter Payment information 
  9. Click Continue

  10. The member confirmation screen will appear. Enter any special notes regarding the gift in the Gift Memo box.
  11. Click Submit Gift

  12. A final confirmation popup will appear. Click OK. Your gift will begin processing and three dots appearing over the OK button, indicating the process is working.

  13. Once the gift has completed processing, the popup window will change. Click OK

  14. The Gift Summary window will display, providing the details of the gift and offering a Print Receipt option.

Two emails are sent.  One, a standard receipt, is emailed to the donor at the email address used or linked to the account. 

The second email is sent to a staff email address advising that an online gift has been received or a recurring gift has been established.

The Basics of Engage

 Click here to read about Creating an Account and Logging In

Logging In

To log into Engage, visit your Engage URL, enter your username and password, and click Sign in. If you do not have an Engage account, click the Create account link to create one.

Existing Web Ministry Tool logins can be used with Engage, and Engage logins can be used with Web Ministry Tools.

Creating an Account

 Watch the video to Create Your Engage Account

To create a new Engage account, start by selecting Create Account from the Engage login page. Engage will then ask for an email address. Engage uses the email address to reference the CDM+ database to see if there is an individual record with a matching email address.

Enter your email address, and click Register. If the email address is found in the CDM+ database, the user will be asked either to select the name that should be associated with this Engage account or to associate this email address with a new individual record.

Matching Email Address Found

If there are one or more names linked to the email address, Engage will ask the user to select the correct name for this Engage account. When the user selects a name, Engage will associate this account with that individual record in the CDM+ database, and the user will be asked to create a user name.

The user can also tap or click Not you? to connect this email address and create an Engage account for a new individual. Tapping this link will follow the same path as if the email address had not been found in the CDM+ database, asking the user to enter name and address information.

Email Address Not Found

If the entered email address does not match an email address attached to an individual record in the CDM+ database, the user will receive a message that no users were found for the email address. The user will have the opportunity either to enter a different email address and click Register, or to use the Click here to create a new account link. If the user chooses to create a new account, Engage will create new Address, Individual, and Giving Unit records for that user.

Enter Name and Address

If Engage needs to create a new individual with related address and giving unit records in the CDM+ database, it will ask the user to enter name and address information. Once this information is entered, the user clicks the Create Account button. Engage will then prompt them to create a user name.

Create a User Name

Enter a user name, and click the Create Username button. This name must be unique among individuals in the CDM+ database. Engage does not enforce a character restriction on the user name, but it should be easily remembered.

Once the user name is created, Engage will send the user instructions for creating or resetting a password for their Engage account.

After the user enters a user name, Engage will send an email to the entered address that contains the user name and instructions for creating the user's password.

Setting the Password

When a user needs to create or reset the password to their Engage account, Engage sends an email that contains the user name and instructions for resetting the password. The user can reset their password by clicking the Reset Password link in the email.

Alternatively, the user can copy the password code in the email, paste it into the Password Codefield, and click the Check Code button.

Log In

After creating or resetting the password, the user will be returned to the Engage login screen where they can log into Engage with their user name and password.

 Click here to red about Logging out of Engage

  1. Click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner.

  2. Select Log out from the dropdown menu.

 Click here to read about Navigating Engage

Once a user is logged into Engage, moving around the system is controlled by the menu icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

The dropdown menu allows the user to switch between the profile and groups view in Engage Member and allows the user to go to other Engage programs if these are available.

Other Engage Information

 Click here to read about canceling donations

Changing a recurring gift

Once a gift has been scheduled, you can edit any aspect of the gift by finding it on the Scheduled Gifts page and clicking Edit. Changes can be made to:

  • Amounts
  • Breakdown
  • Account
  • Memo
  • Frequency

Recurring gifts must be scheduled a minimum of one day in advance. Plan accordingly when making changes to a gift. 

Updating the expiration date on payment methods

Credit card and bank accounts can be updated in Engage by going to the Accounts page and clicking Edit.

When editing a credit card or bank account you must re-enter the full account number. You can enter a different account number than the one saved, but you cannot change the card type. For example, you can update a VISA card with a new VISA card number, but you cannot change a VISA to a MasterCard.

Recurring gifts will use the updated payment information. If a payment method for a recurring gift expires or cannot be successfully charged, the recurring gift will be cancelled.

At this time, this is no notification sent to the giver from Engage when a payment account will expire.

Updating recurring gifts for a new year's giving funds

If you track annual pledges, your general fund and other annually-pledged funds will likely change each year. Engage does not automatically update giving funds. Instead, you have three options:

  1. Notify recurring givers to the old fund they need to cancel their gift and create a new one to the new fund
  2. Update gifts to the new fund using Online Giving on Giving Unit Records
  3. Contact CDM+ support and request any recurring giving to the old fund be moved to the new fund. You will need to provide the effective date for this change

Cancelling a recurring or scheduled gift

Log into Engage and choose Scheduled Gifts from the navigation menu. Any scheduled and recurring gifts will be displayed as pending or active. Click Cancel to cancel the gift.

 Click here to read about other Engage options for members

If a member has already created an account in the CDM+ Giver’s Portal, the same username and password function in Engage Giving.  Any and all stored payment accounts and recurring gift setups are available within Engage Giving. 

When logged in, opening the hamburger menu in the upper right displays several additional options.

New Gift –

Scheduled Gifts – shows two tabs – Pending/Active and Historical:

  • Pending Gifts are those that have been created but not yet processed.
  • Active Gifts are recurring gifts that have been created, have been processed at least once, and are scheduled to process again.
  • Historical Gifts are those that have been processed and will not process again.

Payment Methods – displays existing funding sources such as credit/debit cards and bank accounts which were set up for ACH transfers.  The member may add new accounts or delete existing funding sources. 

Giving History - displays a rolling 12 month history of the member’s giving. This information is retrieved from your CDM+ database for the Giving Unit associated with the Individual Record and therefore includes gifts made both in person and through online tools such as Engage Giving or the Giving Web Ministry Toolkit.