Welcome to CDM+

We want to welcome you to the CDM+ Family. As a previous Stewardship EGS user, we want to take the time to introduce you to the new platform. CDM+ is a dual platform product. Staff members utilize our Desktop application while your Donors use our online product called CDM+ Engage. This Getting Started Guide will go over some of the basics of CDM+ Desktop so you will be able to get CDM+ Desktop installed and working.


Staff use the CDM+ Desktop Application to manage their Donors and Donations. All online transactions come into CDM+ Desktop where donation records are created. These records can be viewed through the Donation Records window. When you need to provide reports to your organization leaders, you will use CDM+ Desktop's powerful custom reports. You can create as many custom reports as you wish, but we have pre-installed the top nine according to Stewardship's records.

Installing CDM+ Desktop 

With the migration of Stewardship Technology clients to CDM+, Administrators will work with CDM+ Desktop application to perform their day-to-day functions. Prior to installing CDM+, we recommend you check the System Requirements for you operating system.

To install CDM+ Desktop, click on the appropriate link for instruction:

Getting an error when trying to connect to CDM+ database - working with Firewalls

If you receive an error connecting to your database after clicking Continue on the step where you enter your User ID and Password, here are a few things that you can try:

  1. Double-check to make sure that you have carefully entered your case sensitive CDM+ Hosting ID and Password.
  2. Temporarily disable your antivirus solution.
    1. McAfee - disable the antivirus protection per these steps; disable the firewall protection per these steps
    2. Norton - steps here
    3. AVG - steps here
    4. Webroot - steps here
    5. Kaspersky - steps here
  3. Temporarily disable your firewall:
    1. How to disable Windows firewall

How to setup and manage CDM+ Engage Giving

In the video below we take a look at the settings you will find in CDM+ Engage including organization page information, giving sets, custom donation links, fee assist, staff notifications and more.

How to manage your funds

In the video below we take a quick look at how you can manage your funds in CDM+ Desktop.

How to access and manage Donor records

Working in the CDM+ Desktop application, Donor records are accessed via Donor Records (called Giving Unit Records in documentation).

How to enter Donations manually (Cash, Check, and In-Kind)

Donations are accessed in CDM+ Desktop via the Donation Records window. Our Help Center may use the term, Contribution Records in place of Donation Records. 

How to Enter a Check, Cash, or In-Kind Donation

How to create Donor and Donation Reports

Before you pull a report you will want to Process Pending Donations. Please follow the steps in the link below. 

Process Pending Donations/Gifts

One way to create reports similar to Stewardship Technology EGS reports is to use the Donation Custom Listing and Export Report. The article below will show you how to use this report.

How to Create a Custom Report

How to Manage Admin Users on your Account

How to Manage Admin Users