The order in which the funds appear on your giving link, is the order that they are listed in your Funds list under Donation Setup.

  1. To manage or rearrange the order in which your funds appear. Click on Donation Setup from the Welcome to CDM+ window. 

If your Welcome Screen looks different, you can get to the same window by going to Program → Donations → Donation Setup. 

2. Then, click on Funds in the Donation Setup window. 

3. If you want your Funds listed in alphabetical order, simply click on the Description header in the Description column. 

4. If you want to put a fund in a specific order, simply click within the field for the name of the fund you want to move and use the red arrow buttons in the bottom left-hand corner to move the fund up and down in your list. 

5. Then Save all changes at the bottom of the page. 

6. Then you will see the funds arranged on your giving sets the way they were ordered under your Fund lists.