If you have text giving (text-to-give) through Stewardship technology there are a couple easy steps you'll need to take to move text-to-give to CDM+.

Don't have text-to-give yet? Add it at no extra cost! Learn how to set up text giving.

Why This Matters

When your account moved from Stewardship to CDM+ a CDM+ giving set was created for all Stewardship donation links, including the one used by text giving. Donors using your text giving after the migration have simply been directed to a CDM+ giving set, just like donation links on your website.

However, CDM+ offers a more robust text giving solution, and you'll need to move your text giving number to CDM+ to complete the migration from Stewardship.

How CDM+ Text Giving Works

Text giving in CDM+ is interactive:

  1. The first time a donor texts to give they are redirected to CDM+ Engage
  2. The donor makes a gift through the mobile-optimized donation form
  3. The donor's account is created and stores their phone number
  4. Subsequent gifts can be made exclusively through text using the saved payment information on the donor's account

Here is a short video showing the interactive text giving in CDM+.

Set Up Commands

Your current Stewardship text giving number will be loaded into CDM+ during the migration.

If you do not see your text giving number in CDM+ Engage Settings, please contact support.

You need to choose the funds that will be available via text giving and create commands (codes) that givers can use to make donations.

  1. Open CDM+ Desktop
  2. Log in as a user with administrative access
  3. Go to Program → Engage Settings
  4. Click Text Giving
  5. Add funds and enter commands
  6. Save

Learn more about configuring funds for text giving.

Move Text Giving to CDM+

Once you've added funds to text giving in CDM+ your current text-to-give phone number in Stewardship can be moved to CDM+.

Simply contact support and request your phone number to be ported to CDM+. This uses a process called porting and can take up to 7 days depending on quickly the providers work.

There will be no downtime while the number is ported. Before the number moves, giving will be redirected to a CDM+ form as it is today. Once the port completes, donors will start receiving responses directly from CDM+.

If you have any questions, please contact support.