The Process Pending Donations (sometimes displayed as Gifts) feature allows you to be able to prevent duplicate donor records in CDM+ when a donor chooses to give as a guest. This allows a donor to continue to give as a guest if they choose but have their historical giving record all under a single donor record. The donor's transaction itself has processed or is being processed, this steps just ensures that the record will display on your reports accordingly. Donors who login to give will not appear on this list. As a best practice, it is good to Process Pending Donations before pulling your needed reports.

  1. To Process Pending Donations, simply click on the Process Pending Donations button on your Welcome to CDM+ window. 

2. You will then see a window that will list all of your recent donations where someone has given as a guest. You will see a dot next to each donation record that represents a different status. 

  • No Donor Record Selected (red dot)
  • Donor Record Selected (yellow dot)
  • Ready to Process (green dot)

Initially, all donations in this list will either have a red or yellow dot. CDM+ will attempt to match an incoming gift to an existing Donor Record in CDM+. If it can, that gift will have a yellow dot. If it cannot, the gift will have a red dot.

3. When you select a donation that CDM+ cannot easily identify the source (red dot), you can either select a Donor Record to tie the donation to or create a new record.

To tie a donation to an existing Donor record, first click to select a donation that has a red dot. For this donation, you are also able to see the details about the donor's address and about their pending gift. 

4. Under the Donor search field, start typing in a portion of the donor's name you want to tie this donation to and then hit Tab on your keyboard.  You will see a list of potential donors that you can tie this donation too. If there is a match, double-click on the address you want to tie the donation to. Then you will see the red dot turn to yellow next to the donation record. 

5. If there is not a match for this donor then you can double-click on New Donor

6. First you will be asked to tie this Donor record to an Address record. If it is a brand new donor and is not associated with a current address record, simply click on Add

7. You will want to enter in the donor's Family Name Information. Second, you'll enter in their address information. Thirdly, you'll list the donor in the "Family Status" box. Please note this is a very important step as this is what will create their Individual Record. You can list other names at this same address in this section as well. Then Save your changes in the upper left-hand side of the menu. 

8. After saving the address you will see another window that will allow you to save the Donor Record. Simply click on OK

9. You will now see the red dot has turned to yellow next to this donation. 

10. After you have reviewed all your donations and have associated them with an existing Donor record or have created a new one, you can now mark these records for processing. Simply click on the record with the yellow dot and then click on Mark for Processing. Then you will see the dot next to the donation turn to green. 

11. Once you have marked all the donations you want to process, simply click on Save. All of these donation records will now be displayed on your reports.