Moving to CDM+ Webinar

This webinar introduces the move from Stewardship Technology to CDM+.

Resources to Help you Communicate the Transition to your Donors

Materials and templates to share with your donors to guide them through the move to CDM+. 

Getting Started for Staff

How to Install and use CDM+ Desktop for organization staff. 

Getting Started for Donors

How to get started with CDM+ Engage - how to create and manage donations, scheduled gifts, and payments.

Replacing the eGiving App

Move from the eGiving App to CDM+ Engage.

How to Manage Donors and their Donations

Learn how to work with donors and donations in CDM+.

How to Manage Funds and Donation Links

How to Manage Donations and Donation Links

How to Prepare and Produce Reports

Learn how to create reports in CDM+.

CDM+ Software Roadmap

Status of current and upcoming features in CDM+ for migrated Stewardship clients.

How Donor Identifiers Migrate

Learn how Donor IDs will appear in CDM+ after your migration.

Migrating Text-To-Give

How to move text-to-give to CDM+.

Connecting eKYROS to CDM+

Learn how to integrate eKYROS with CDM+ to smoothly import donations.

Connecting CoolFocus to CDM+

Learn how to integrate CoolFocus with CDM+ to smoothly import donations.

Creating a Link in Engage for Funding the Mission

Learn how to create a URL in Engage so you can add it to the Funding the Mission website.

CDM+ Plans and Pricing

Learn how you will migrate to a CDM+ Plan after your first 12 months.

Creating an Online Event Registration link

To create an online Event Registration tool, you will need the following: CDM+ Desktop ins …

Year End in CDM+

Learn how to conduct year-end reporting with CDM+.

Year-End Webinars

Webinars to guide you through year-end tasks with CDM+.

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